2012 TigsTools: Best Athlete

Baseball is littered with high-quality athletes. The freakish athletes stand out on the field but are often some of the rawest players. This list has nothing to do with actual on-field baseball ability and focuses purely on the athletic ability of the players involved. The top athlete in the system is one of the top prospects the Tigers have; check inside to find out who it is!

Best Athlete
1. Avisail Garcia (OF)
2. Austin Schotts (OF)
3. Tyler Gibson (OF)
4. Rashad Brown (OF)
5. Daniel Fields (OF)

The Tigers #3 ranked prospect, Garcia is an exceptional athlete. He combines a premium frame with tremendous strength, quickness, grace and coordination. Scouts project him to fill out as he reaches his physical peak but that shouldn't keep him from remaining a very good athlete.

The middle three prospects in the top five are relative newcomers to the system, having joined the Tigers in the 2011 and 2012 drafts. Schotts is a smaller, speedy guy with plus-plus athleticism. Gibson is a physical beast that matches the raw athleticism of any player in the system, he just doesn't consistently show it on the field. Rashad Brown is a bit of an unknown prospect but he is built like an NFL defensive back and moves like one too.

Daniel Fields was drafted and signed by the Tigers because of his baseball bloodlines and strong athletic ability. He thickened up a bit immediately after signing, losing some of his athleticism, but he was back in great form in 2012, showing the premium athleticism that earned him a seven-figure signing bonus.

Honorable Mention
Casey Crosby (LHP)
Cale Iorg (SS)
Jake Stewart (OF)

Both Crosby and Iorg have been among the top five over the last few years, with Iorg frequently rating as the best prospect in the system. He drops off the list both because of the arrival of several premium athletes, but also because scouts reported he just wasn't as explosive in 2012. Jake Stewart is another newcomer to the system, offering plus athleticism in center field.

Projection Kings
Willy Adames (SS)
David Gonzalez (SS)
Miguel Paulino (OF)

The Tigers have frequently signed raw athletes out of the Dominican Republic and Venezuela and both Adames and Gonzalez are those types of players. Adames was signed at the outset of the 2012 international signing period and Gonzalez put his raw athleticism on display in his stateside debut last year. Yet another 2012 draftee, Miguel Paulino is an explosive athlete that is still coming back from some injuries he suffered in high school

Others Considered
Tyler Collins
Samuel Crafort
Carlos De Los Santos
Alwin Delgado
Steven Fuentes
Jared Gayhart
Wade Gaynor
Dixon Machado
Steven Moya
Charlie Neil
Michael Rockett
Eugenio Suarez

Several players on this list could be in the mix for the top five in any given year. Samuel Crafort and Alwin Delgado are lesser known prospects with big time athleticism. Jared Gayhart and Wade Gaynor are older players with physical, athletic bodies. Charlie Neil was a Division I soccer player at Yale and Steven Moya shows strong athleticism despite his mammoth body.

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