2012 TigsTools: The Best of the Best

Who came in on top for each of the TigsTools? Which players found themselves on the list for having multiple top tools in the organization? Check inside for each TigsTool winner, along with the link to the summary of of the complete list.

Best Hitter
Nick Castellanos (OF)
2012 Best Hitters

Best Power
Steven Moya (OF)
2012 Best Power Hitters

Best Speed
Austin Schotts (OF)
2012 Best Runners

Best Infield Defense
Dixon Machado (SS)
2012 Best Infielders Defense

Best Infield Arm
Dixon Machado (SS)
2012 Best Infield Arms

Best Outfield Defense
Avisail Garcia (OF)
2012 Best Outfielders Defense

Best Outfield Arm
Avisail Garcia (OF)
2012 Best Outfield Arms

Best Defensive Catcher
Curt Casali (C)
2012 Best Defensive Catchers

Best Fastball
Bruce Rondon (RHP)
2012 Best Fastballs

Best Breaking Ball
Bruce Rondon (RHP)
2012 Best Breaking Balls

Best Change-up
Kenny Faulk (LHP)
2012 Best Change-ups

Best Command
Josh Turley (LHP)
2012 Best Command Pitchers

Best Athlete
Avisail Garcia (OF)
2012 Best Athletes

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