2013 West Michigan Whitecaps Preview

The rosters have been released, players are getting ready for the season to start. Head inside to get all the details on the upcoming 2013 West Michigan Whitecaps, who feature 11 members of the TigsTown top 50, including two in the top ten!

The Roster:

2013 West Michigan Whitecaps Roster

The Schedule:

2013 West Michigan Whitecaps Schedule

Prospects to Watch on TigsTown Top 50:

#4: OF Danry Vasquez
#8: OF Austin Schotts
#15: RHP Endrys Briceno
#18: RHP Edgar de la Rosa #35: RHP Hudson Randall
#36: LHP Jordan John
#38: RHP Montreal Robertson
#40: RHP Chad Smith
#42: 2B Devon Travis
#48: RHP Julio Felix
#50: OF Jake Stewart

The Team Summary:

2013 West Michigan Whitecaps Overview

Questions on the 2013 Whitecaps? Head to the TigsTown Premium Forum and ask the experts, or just follow the team summary link above!

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