TigsTown Q&A: RHP Buck Farmer

The Detroit Tigers selected right-hander Buck Farmer in the fifth round of the 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft. Recently, Farmer was kind enough to check in with TigsTown to discuss draft day, what he took away from his college experience and where he'll be reporting this summer.

TigsTown: Talk to me a bit about how everything felt on draft day. Did you know the Tigers were a potential suitor?

Buck Farmer: Draft day felt great, I was really excited and ready to hear my name called out. I was ready to start my career, so on the second day I could feel that is was my day to go. I did know the Tigers were a potential suitor. My advisor was telling me at the time that they were one of the teams most interested in me.

TigsTown: For those Tiger fans that don't know much about you, can you give us a brief scouting report on your game?

Farmer: A brief scouting report would be... I have a four-pitch mix: a fastball, a curveball, a slider and a change up. Fastball will get up to 94-95 and my slider is my out pitch. I can throw my change up in any situation. I'm a huge competitor and I love being in control of the game.

TigsTown: What do you think are the best attributes of your game? On the flip side, what are some things that you might need to work on?

Farmer: Some of my best attributes are that I am a huge competitor and I want the ball when the game is on the line. Some of the things I could work on from a pitching standpoint are my off-speed. I really need to sharpen my slider and curveball.

TigsTown: You decided not to sign after the Milwaukee Brewers selected you in the 15th round last season. How did the extra season of college experience help prepare you for pro ball?

Farmer: The extra season of college ball really helped me I think due to the fact it allowed me to sharpen my off speed, which still needs some work, but it also allowed me to become a better player and leader.

TigsTown: Looking back, what do you take away from your time with the Georgia Tech baseball program?

Farmer: I take away a lot from my time at Tech. I have learned a lot since I have been there and am forever grateful for the coaching staff there but I guess the one big thing I have always been told is stay true to myself, throw my game and never stop competing and the rest will come.

TigsTown: Lastly, where is the signing process at, and has there been any discussion where you'll be reporting?

Farmer: I actually signed today in Lakeland, and have been told I will be reporting to Norwich, CT for short season ball.

A special thanks goes out to Buck Farmer for taking the time out of his day to answer our questions.

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