At the Park: Scouting the SeaWolves

TigsTown's Mark Anderson recently sat on Erie for a three-game set in New Hampshire. The following is an extensive write up of his scouting notes from the series on some of the Tigers' top prospects with the SeaWolves.

Ramon Cabrera (DH) – Bowling ball body; thick lower half; non-athlete; 20-grade run; likes to swing the bat; aggressive early in the count; can make contact on a variety of pitches; likes to hit and doesn't like to take pitches; will expand zone in order to make contact; solid gap power; potential .270-280 hitter; modest overall power; poor receiver; regularly boxes balls; doesn't handle breaking pitches well; poor blocker; slow catch-and-throw; consistently popped 2.1+; well-below average to below-average defender; org profile.

Tyler Collins (OF) – Built like an NFL fullback; thick, muscular, strong body; solid athlete; highly aggressive; all-out style of play; looks lost at the plate; consistently chased breaking balls out of the strike zone; didn't show feel for barrel that was previously observed; approach did not show hints of strike zone knowledge; consistently let hittable pitches go by and swung at poor pitches; above-average bat speed; has projection for average power; too much weak contact for power to play at raw level in game situations; average run; poor reads and routes in outfield; well-below average arm; below-average overall defender; limited to left field; lacks ability to adjust offensively and defensively; difficult profile; bench bat ceiling.

Daniel Fields (OF) – Looks the part; live, athletic body; very good strength; average run; runs better once underway and speed plays well in the outfield; plus-plus defensive instincts; flawless jumps in all directions; particularly impressive going back on the ball; easy plus defensive profile; below-average arm; still throws like an infielder with short arm action and no momentum; average raw; can really drive it with good loft to the pull side; lacks hitting ability for strength to generate power to opposite field; swing is not fluid; pulls hard with the bottom hand hindering barrel control; struggles to square it up; largely a pull hitter; oppo hits are often served over SS; approach is solid but seems forced at times like he's taking pitches for the sake of taking pitches; power won't play at raw level with poor hit projection; won't hit MLB pitching; 4th outfielder.

James McCann (C) – Very physical; ideal MLB body; durable, strong frame; very physically impressive; excellent leadership ability displayed first two games of the series; MLB-caliber defender right now; easy plus catch-and-throw with consistent pops in 1.89-1.94 range; really good receiver; strong hands and wrists; glove doesn't drift; helps pitchers with firm hold after reception; handles low breaking balls well; technically sound blocker that keeps the ball in front of him; moves well laterally; in sync with pitchers; calls a good game; overall above-average to plus defensive profile with little development remaining; below-average run but can do alright when underway; swing is a bit mechanical; gets the barrel to the zone consistently with good bat speed; knows the strike zone very well; polished approach; rarely chased out of zone; has average raw to pull side; can turn on velocity on inner third; struggles to drive it oppo but not afraid to use that side of the field; big strides since previous viewings; role 5 player; solid everyday catcher.

Hernan Perez (2B) – Thin frame; live and athletic; surprising strength; hard-nosed player; grinder type; gets after it; looks like he's having fun out there; intelligent player that knows what he's doing in all situations; plus hands; good feel for securing the ball; above-average range to both sides; does really well going to right; plus arm that can play on left side; holds his grown and strong on the pivot; plus defensive second baseman; has tools for left side but game may be too quick for him on that side; above-average run; always gets most out of speed, running hard on all plays; surprising bat speed; snaps the barrel through the zone with authority; good gap power; potential doubles hitter with 8-10 home runs; will have some swing and miss; can make enough solid contact for average hit; nothing sexy but does a lot of things well; potential second division 2B or solid utility player.

Eugenio Suarez (SS) – Smallish, thin frame; decent strength but needs more; good athlete; plays hard; needs improved focus on both sides of the ball; defensive tools are evident; needs to settle down; plus range, particularly to glove side; solid-average arm; plus hands; has profile to stick at SS; not a defensive stud but very solid; has versatility in back pocket with experience at 2B and OF; fringy home-to-first; doesn't show better once underway; approach ranged from solid to passive; could stand to be more aggressive; swing can get a little loose and out of control at times; needs to develop better barrel control for more consistent, hard contact; below-average power; modest offensive profile at peak with fair average, some walks and some doubles; fringe MLB profile; fits better in utility role.

Will Clinard (RHP) – Excellent pitchers frame; well-conditioned; good strength; good athlete; simple delivery that he repeats very well; consistent ¾ arm slot; ball comes out of his hand easy; no significant deception in delivery but ball isn't squared consistently; FB 90-92; had 94 when he needed it; FB command was below-average; elevated too much; needs to work side to side more consistently; cutter flashed plus with 89-91 velocity; cutter is potentially dominating pitch; CH and SL were hit and miss; potential fringe-average to average pitches; needs overall command profile to improve; command has projection thanks to athleticism and mechanical simplicity; should get there; potential 7th inning arm.

Kyle Lobstein (LHP) – Big, physical frame; long legs; high waist; below-average athlete; repeats delivery well in spite of athletic limitations; simple, clean mechanics; good rhythm; plays catch; ball comes out easy; everything is the same with every pitch…delivery, arm slot, tempo, etc.; pounds strike zone with entire arsenal; has command projection; command currently below-average but should reach average to solid-average level in time; FB 89-92 in first inning; dipped to 87-88 in third inning; maintained FB control throughout start; FB can get straight but worked low, helping offset lack of movement; fringy pitch overall; CB 79-80; below-average overall but showed good spin and flashed a couple solid pitches; CB has average potential; SL82-84; below-average with little projection; doesn't throw SL in zone very much; routine chase pitch; CH83-84; flashed plus consistently and was average overall with plus projection; CH can be go-to pitch; CH is only swing and miss offering with sink and fade at best; works very quickly; has depth of arsenal to start; will have to pitch of CH consistently to remain in rotation; FB needs velo tick for long term success; fringe 5th starter and more likely middle reliever.

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