2013 Fall Ball Roster and Schedule

The minor league season is just wrapping up, but that means that the 2013 Fall Instructional League is right around the corner! Check out which top prospects are headed to Lakeland for some additional work in the 3.5 week extended season!

The Roster:

A note about the roster; while the list of players participating is expansive, obviously not everyone will play every day, and in the case of some, they are there only for a limited amount of additional work, that can be impacted by a number of factors (working on a specific aspect of their game, getting additional work in due to a lighter season load, injury, etc.)

2013 Fall Instructional League Roster

The Schedule:

A note about the schedule; Fall Ball is known for taking on a more casual feel, with more relaxed workouts, and games. There are no formal ticket sales, and many games will be held on the "back fields" or practice fields at other stadiums.

2013 Fall Instructional League Schedule

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