Tigers Scouting Report #50: Jordan Lennerton

Welcome to the revamped TigsTown scouting report! With the release of the 2014 TigsTown Top 50, we have done extensive updates to the individual player overviews, breaking out in detail each player's scouting report by tool, and providing the final word on each player. Check it out inside, on a player whose importance just increased with the trade of Prince Fielder.

Jordan Lennerton


Position: First Base
Date of Birth: 2/16/1986 (2014 Opening Day Age: 28)
Height/Weight: 6'2/220
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
Acquired: 2008 Draft, 33rd Round
Ranking History: #164 (2009), #156 (2010), #95 (2011), #89 (2012), #60 (2013), #50 (2014)

Background: Drafted out of Oregon State as a senior sign in the 33rd round in 2008, Lennerton has hit at nearly every level of the minor leagues. He posted strong numbers at Low-A West Michigan over a season and a half in 2009 and 2010, before breaking out at High-A Lakeland with a .301/.393/.505 line in 57 games. He continued to hit at Lakeland in 2011, and then posted a solid .269/.368/.469 line with Double-A Erie in 2012. Lennerton followed that up with a .278/.382/.430 line in 2013 and a spot on the Futures Game World Team roster at the 2013 All-Star Game.


2013 Jordan Lennerton Stats - Hitting

Scouting Report

Body: Looks taller than listed height; has toned body in recent years; good physical presence; improved strength in upper body; modest athleticism is more apparent with revamped physique; limited physical projection remaining.

Hit: Starts from open stance with high hands; struggles getting front foot down consistently, leading to some timing issues; slower load; hands drop too far as part of load and doesn't always get to the zone on time; lacks impressive bat speed; feel for the barrel is fringy; knows strike zone; willing to take pitches; doesn't consistently recognize spin and will chase secs out of the zone; can't catch up to FB in upper or inner part of strike zone; current issues with contact will only be exacerbated at MLB level; projects as below average hitter. Grade – Present 3+/Future 4

Power: Strength-based swing that lacks bat speed; can still drive the ball with good leverage; power manifests most when he can extend arms and drive pitches out over the plate; can hit mistakes for power; above-average raw plays down in game situations because of swing-and-miss and too much weak contact; power can be completely negated by pitching hard up or anything inside. Grade – 4+/4+

Speed: Not a part of his game; lumbering runner; no risk to steal bases or take extra bases on his hits, or others; station to station guy; nearly bottom of the scale. Grade – 3/3

Defense: Quality 1B defender; lacks range but makes up for it with solid positioning and good instincts; surprising footwork around the bag; rarely makes mistakes; solid hands; knows when to go hard to glove side and when to retreat to let 2B make the play; consistently clean picks on low throws; good, appropriate stretch; has trust of his infielders; defensive asset. Grade – 5+/5+

Arm: Strong and accurate; can make throws on the run to 2B as part of double-play or getting lead runner; accurate throws on cutoff; above-average overall. Grade – 5+/5+

Other: Hard worker; quality makeup; enjoys playing the game; very competitive on the field; doesn't allow struggles to impact other aspects of his game; solid org player.

Final Word

Summary: Lacks feel to hit for offensive game to profile at MLB level; susceptible to hard stuff up and anything inside; potential .250-.260 hitter; walks will decrease as pitchers learn how to challenge him with velocity and spin; on-base rates will fall commensurately; hitting deficiencies prevent power from playing at above-average raw level; fringe power in game situations; defense is strongest part of game; true asset at 1B that helps infield defenders; strong makeup and competitiveness.

Risk: Low risk player with limited upside; already reached AAA level; advanced age.

Projection: Organizational player; limited potential as a second division player; could get a cup of coffee in 2014 or 2015.

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