Whitecaps Fifth Third Ballpark Catches Fire

The West Michigan Whitecaps stadium, Fifth Third Ballpark, has caught fire. The fire appeared to start along the first base line in the stadium structure around the suites. The fire is ongoing, as the stadium nears collapse.

12:30PM Update: Per the fire chief on scene, the fire started in one of the suites at around 11:00AM, and has spread through the stadium via the attic. The sprinkler system apparently has not been able to extinguish the flames.

The firefighters are fighting the fire from afar, as the structure was deemed too unsafe for anyone to approach on foot.

Late this morning, reports started coming from Grand Rapids news that Fifth Third Ballpark had caught fire. The blaze quickly picked up and is doing severe damage to the stadium.

WOOD TV has live ongoing coverage of the fire. Follow the link below for their live report:

WOOD TV Live Coverage

You can also follow the latest updates from Paul Wezner on the developing story on Twitter:


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