2014 Whitecaps At a Glance

What do you need to know about the West Michigan Whitecaps as they get under way on Thursday? Here's the skinny on the club, including the full roster, top prospects to watch out for like 2013 first round draft pick Jonathon Crawford, and some key scout quotables about the 2014 team.

By the Numbers

Top Ten Prospects: 1 - Jonathon Crawford (RHP)

TigsTown Top 50 Prospects: 8

Average Player Age: 22.4 years old

The Whitecaps

The ‘Caps: 2014 West Michigan Whitecaps Roster

Position Group to Watch: The outfield. Each member of the outfield - Ben Verlander, Austin Schotts, and Tyler Gibson, are among the top 50 prospects in the organization, with players like Schotts and Gibson both carrying tremendous ceilings despite still being quite raw in their development. In addition to those three, Wynton Bernard had an excellent spring training after signing just as players were reporting for camp, and will likely make noise for the club, even if he's not a prospect on the level of the others in the outfield.

The Scout(s)takes

Jonathon Crawford (RHP): "I really liked the fastball and slider this spring. There's some work to do on the softer side of things, but he's a quality power arm with some potential. He shouldn't have much trouble with the Midwest League."

Javier Betancourt (2B): "That kid can flat out play the game. I think people underestimate him a little because he's short on tools, but he has instincts for the game, a feel to hit and he's going to be a player. This year could be his coming out party.

Austin Schotts (OF): This is a big, big year for him. I didn't like what I saw in any respect last year. He's an athlete and he can run, but the rest of the game really needs to develop. I didn't see much strength added this spring so I'm not terribly optimistic, but I will be watching closely.

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