2014 Mud Hens At a Glance

What do you need to know about the Toledo Mud Hens as they get their season under way? Here's the skinny on the club, including the full roster, top prospects to watch out for, and some key scout quotables about the 2014 team.

By the Numbers

Top Ten Prospects: 5 - James McCann (C ), Drew VerHagen (RHP), Hernan Perez (2B), Daniel Fields (CF), Robbie Ray (LHP)

TigsTown Top 50 Prospects: 10

Average Player Age: 26.9 years old

The Mud Hens

The ‘Hens: 2014 Toledo Mud Hens Roster

Position Group to Watch: The starting rotation. With two top ten prospects in Robbie Ray and Drew VerHagen, plus Kyle Lobstein (another member of the TigsTown top 50), and veterans Duane Below and Derek Hankins, the Mud Hens are positioned well to get off to a good start in each game. This group is doubly important to watch because if someone falters at the big league level, the replacement is likely to come from one of the these five.

The Scout(s)takes

James McCann (C): "I really believe people are sleeping on this guy. He can defend, he can work counts, he can make contact, he leads his pitching staff. He's a big league catcher; maybe not playing 100+ games a year, but splitting time as part of a platoon you could do a lot worse."

Daniel Fields (OF): "I really expected better from him coming into camp this year. I was cautiously optimistic with the performance he showed last year. I thought maybe the tools were starting to translate, but he didn't look like the same player this spring. He needs to duplicate 2013 to have a chance at a regular role, and I don't see that happening."

Casey Crosby (LHP): "I'm really anxious to see how he does in a full-time relief role. This move has been coming for a very long time and now that it has finally happened, I really want to see him just air it out. The stuff isn't quite as crisp as it used to be, but I'm hopeful that can change as he adjusts to the new role."

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