TigsTown Q&A: 2nd Rd Pick Spencer Turnbull

TigsTown caught up with the Tigers second round pick, right-hander Spencer Turnbull, about being drafted by the Tigers, his game on the mound, and his plans moving forward.

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted by the Tigers?

Spencer Turnbull: It feels awesome – it's what you worked for your whole life to get drafted. Definitely a pretty cool moment.

TigsTown: Were you expecting them to draft you or had you been in contact with them before the draft?

ST: I had been in contact with them, so thought they might draft me, but no one talked to me the day of the draft. So I knew they were interested in me, but didn't what pick they were thinking of me at or anything like that.

TigsTown: Did you know when you might be drafted?

ST: Leading up into the draft, I thought I'd go about as high as I did. I didn't hear from anyone the day of the draft though, so I thought that was a bad sign. Usually you'll hear from guys leading up to it, seeing if you're interested in signing or what you're looking for to sign – and no one called me, so I wasn't expecting to go that first night.

TigsTown: What do you know about the Tigers organization?

ST: I know they're first class, been watching them for awhile. And I know guys like Verlander and Scherzer and Cabrera. And obviously I know they're good, but don't know a whole lot more than that.

TigsTown: Have you talked with people from the organization since they drafted you?

ST: Yea I've talked to the area scout several times, and David Chadd also gave me a call.

TigsTown: Do you plan to sign?

ST: Yup I'm going down tomorrow to get my physical and all that worked out.

TigsTown: Going down to Lakeland or Detroit?

ST: I'm going to Lakeland for the physical. I haven't signed anything yet, but that will be happening soon.

TigsTown: Assuming all goes well and you sign, have they talked to you about where you'd be headed?

ST: Told me I'd probably be starting the season up in Connecticut.

TigsTown: Tell us a little about your repertoire on the mound.

ST: The biggest thing about me is that I throw hard – I sit 92-96 but can get up to 98. And I also keep my velocity deep into starts. I'm a big guy, durable guy, I don't get too tired, and I can pitch deep into the season and deep into games. That's one of the reasons why I like starting; I like the routine and it fits my body type more.

As far as my off-speed, I have slide, curve and change. The slider is my second best pitch when I throw it well – but it can be inconsistent. Struggle with getting a consistent spin on it, sometimes it breaks more than I want it to, sometimes not as much.

My changeup got really good toward the end of the year – didn't have a trouble throwing it for strikes. Was a good pitch for me this year, sometimes it moved more, sometimes it was just your typical changeup with a different velocity.

"I'm going to Lakeland for the physical. I haven't signed anything yet, but that will be happening soon."

TigsTown: How do you approach and prepare for your appearances mentally?

ST: Don't have an exact routine, but I usually like to chill, just like to listen to music and relax. I don't really like to do anything the day of a start. Once I start getting dressed, that's when I get ready to go.

On my off-days I usually work out, and I also do long toss between starts and throw bullpens between starts, depending on the time between and all that.

TigsTown: What sort of goals do you have for your baseball career?

ST: I want to be a front-end starter for the Tigers, since they drafted me. I obviously am prepared to pitch in any point, but they want me to start to begin with, and that's what I want to do and that's where I feel best. My goal is to make it in whatever role they want me in whether that's starting or coming on in relief late in games, but I want to pitch as a starter for a long time.

TigsTown would like to thank Spencer for taking the time to chat with us, and wishes him well on as he begins his pro career with the Tigers.

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