Scouting the Tigers 11th-40th Round Picks

Much of the publicity from the MLB draft gets focused on those taken in the first two days across the first ten rounds. However, what did the Tigers get in the rest of the draft? Get the scouting reports on the other 30 draft selections by the Tigers.

11th Round – AJ Ladwig (RHP, Wichita State)
Tall, thin RHP; good angle to plate; has room for additional strength/mass; pitches with average FB; sits 89-91, T92; average breaking ball at times but need consistency; CH lags behind FB and breaking ball; could unlock additional velocity with mechanical tweaks; strike thrower.

12th Round – Garrett Mattlage (SS, Texas State)
Smallish middle infielder; average run; can get down the line in 4.34-4.41; contact hitter with all-fields approach; below-average power; very good approach at the plate; has a plan when he steps in the box; works hard during ABs; steady glove; can handle SS in minor leagues; grinder type that leaves it all on the field; heady player.

13th Round – Will Allen (C, Mississippi)
Well built; durable catcher's body; very good receiver; plus arm; smart behind the plate; handles pitchers extremely well; defensive tools carry profile; plus bat speed; above-average raw power; game will have swing and miss; hit tool must develop; bit of a sleeper from this draft class.

14th Round – Josh Heddinger (RHP, Georgia Tech)
Big pitcher's frame; great RHP body with strong legs and budding strength in upper body; average FB that may play up a little more with a pro workout routine; can touch 93 mph; higher arm slot; potential for average breaking ball; CH is below-average but there is some feel; mechanics are inconsistent; below-average control; bit of a project despite ample college experience; potential back-end starter.

15th Round – Mike Gerber (OF, Creighton)
Smaller OF; very strong in upper body; hands/wrists/forearms are extremely strong; quick twitch guy; plus bat speed; above-average raw power; well below-average hit tool; tons of swing and miss in the game; minimal approach at the plate; solid defensive tools but instincts aren't always there; above-average arm; fits in RF as a pro; project that will need hit tool development to be a prospect.

16th Round – Chase Rader (3B, Coffeyville CC)
Solid athlete; strong, physical build; will slow a little toward physical maturity; has hands for 3B and good arm strength for the position; footwork is still developing; should profile well at the position; thump in the bat; above-average raw power; average runner now but unlikely to sustain; instinctual player on the bases; hitting approach will need work; some signability concerns; potential player if he signs.

17th Round – Corey Baptist (1B, St. Petersburg JC)
Big, strong body; athletic for his size; very good around the bag; moves surprisingly well in the field; could be a strong defender; long and strong swing; bat speed exists but doesn't always play; wants to lift everything and drive it out of the park; needs to develop as a hitter; potential to fill slugging first base profile; will take time.

18th Round – Will Maddox (3B, Tennessee)
Excellent makeup; experienced college player; hard-nosed player with grinder mentality and some tools; very patient at the plate; more of a line drive hitter; lacks prototypical power for 3B; above-average runner; versatile player that can handle 2B, SS in a pinch; some scouts believe he could handle OF; potential utility option.

19th Round – Parker French (RHP, Texas)
Strong build; good pitchers' frame; has touched 95 in the past but doesn't live there now; FB sits 88-89, scrapes 91 on occasion; slow CB in the low-70s; big breaker that lacks bite; quality CH; locates entire arsenal well; gets by on intelligence and command; extreme competitor; has big game experience; back-end starter ceiling.

20th Round – Trent Szkutnik (LHP, Michigan)
Average body; runs FB up to 90 mph at times; has CB, SL and CH that he mixes well; will throw any pitch in any count; can establish and pitch off FB but will pitch backwards as well; high arm slot; likely reliever long term; has some deception; stuff could play up in short stints.

21st Round – Whit Mayberry (RHP, Virginia)
Average frame; good athlete; had Tommy John surgery in 2012; still working his way back; velocity is come back; sits low-90s with movement; secondary pitches lag behind but he shows some feel for them; most scouts believe he's a reliever long term but should get a chance to complete surgery recovery as a starter.

22nd Round – Michael Thomas (C, Kentucky)
Strong, classic catcher's body; durable body behind the plate with good stamina for demands of the position; very smart player; handles his staff well; has feel for calling a game; experienced kid; glove first profile; above-average arm; bat has come along in the last year but still lags; average raw power; backup profile.

23rd Round – Brett Pirtle (2B, Mississippi State)
Small grinder type; has feel for the barrel and is a natural hitter; consistent solid contact to all fields; doesn't have much pop; average runner, above-average glove; arm is solid-average and very accurate; doesn't have left-side tools; will have to hit to be a prospect; likely an org profile.

24th Round – Gabe Hemmer (RHP, San Diego Christian)
Classic Tigers RHP frame (6-3, 220); really strong and projectable; delivery is raw and needs some work; arm action is pretty good; reports of FB reaching 94-95 at times; potential to unlock more with pro instruction; secondary pitches are raw; needs to learn to pitch; project but has potential.

25th Round – Gage Smith (RHP, Florida State)
Good size; unorthodox pitcher; FB in mid-80s from submarine arm slot; will come up to side-arm at times but typically stays a little lower; pounds the strike zone with FB; SL that has some potential; situational reliever.

26th Round – Jack Fisher (RHP, Wake Forest)
Average frame; needs to add more strength under pro routine; FB has fringe velocity; peaking at 90 mph; sits 87-88; intense competitor; never backs down; keeps his team in the game; good org starter.

27th Round – Tyler Ford (LHP, Houston)
Small guy (5-8, 175); high arm slot helps give him some angle to the plate despite his height; FB 88-91, T92; CB and CH back it up; likes to attack with FB; approach against hitters will play well in pro ball; has some deception in delivery; aggressive pitcher; potential bullpen lefty.

28th Round – Will Kengor (SS, Slippery Rock)
Long, lean body; wiry strength; excellent athlete; smooth in all aspects of the game; needs to add strength; quick bat; can spray the ball to all fields; needs to drive the ball more consistently and find the gaps; some tools to defend at SS; more likely a versatile infield defender; excellent leadership and plus-plus makeup.

29th Round – Jacob Butler (RHP, St. Francis)
Classic pitcher's body; good strength; solid athlete; pitches assertively with average FB; knuckle CB that shows occasional above-average potential; CH is distant third pitch; chance to start if CH and command improve; some scouts like him as a middle reliever if FB plays to above-average levels in bursts.

30th Round – Spenser Watkins (RHP, Western Oregon)
Wiry, athletic kid; delivery has improved a lot the last two year's pounds zone with average FB; two-seamer will move hard in on RHH; CB and CH have some promise but need consistency; raw player.

31st Round – Grant Reuss (LHP, Cranbrook HS)
MLB bloodlines; big, physical kid; stands 6-foot-5 already; large hands/feet suggest there could be more growth in there; FB 88-90 consistently; T92 at times; CB 75-77; CH 80-83; needs to add strength; good arm action that should let him throw strikes; command is poor at present; coordination is still coming and mechanics are inconsistent; spins CB well at times with above-average to plus potential long term; big time ceiling; unlikely to sign.

32nd Round – Kenton (Locke) St. John (LHP, South Alabama)
Intriguing lefty; long, loose frame; good arm action; ball comes out cleanly; most reports of 85-88 mph velo; has touched 90; couple reports of 90+ velo but not consistently reported by scouts; pretty raw kid; has some relief potential; will take time.

33rd Round – Jonathan Perrin (RHP, Oklahoma State)
Big, strong kid with excellent frame and even more projection; FB up to 94 this spring; velocity was new addition to scouting report; typically sits 90-91; CB shows flashes of being above-average pitch; inconsistent because of inconsistent mechanics; has CH in arsenal but need to improve; control can come and go; intriguing arm with potential in multiple roles.

34th Round – Sammy Stevens (C, Brother Rice HS)
Projectable body that needs to add strength; pops range from 195-2.10; below-average arm at present; has potential defensively; shows ability as a receiver; footwork is good; high arm slot on the throws; accuracy helps make up for lack of arm strength; compact swing; shows feel for using the whole field; needs to develop approach; average runner; really raw; needs college time to develop game.

35th Round – Dave Hollins (3B, Orchard Park HS)
Average body; solid athleticism; destined for hot corner long term; good natural strength for his age; will get stronger as he matures; line drive swing; short and quick to the zone; consistently barrels the ball; pull hitter that needs to use the whole field; good footwork at third base; average arm; quick release; MLB bloodlines with good feel for the game; unlikely to sign.

36th Round – Nate Fury (RHP, Louisiana State)
Undersized in terms of height; has strength in frame; competitor; lacks raw stuff; knows how to pitch and will grind ABs against more talented players; org arm.

37th Round – Pat Mahomes (RHP, Whitehouse HS)
High-end football talent; committed to Texas Tech to play quarterback; excellent athlete; big kid with physical, strong frame; has average run and above-average raw power; better prospect on the mound; can work in the low-90s as pitcher; secondary pitches lag; almost impossible to sign away from football commitment; extreme ceiling if he focuses on baseball.

38th Round – Magglio Ordonez (1B, American Heritage HS)
Mature build; strong for his age; lacks his father's tools; has some raw power but needs improved bat speed and approach at the plate; improving around the bag but still inexperienced; decent arm strength; body will continue to mature and likely cement him at 1B; needs college reps to develop as a player.

39th Round – Taylor Sanagorski (C, Bishop Carroll Catholic HS)
Baseball rat; decent body; needs to add strength; lots of raw, untapped potential; constantly around the game; really good head and feel; 7.29 6-yard dash; potential for plus glove; bat needs considerable work; needs college reps; unlikely to sign.

40th Round – Alex Faedo (RHP, Alonso HS)
Big, tall kid with room for lots of muscle/strength; needs to add it; FB up to 93-94 in the past; more consistently up to 92; sits upper-80s and should sit higher as he matures; whippy arm that's quick through the delivery; CB and CH will flash but need considerable work; really raw overall package but incredibly intriguing; unlikely to sign.

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