TigsTown Q&A: 21st Rd Pick Whit Mayberry

The Cavaliers are one of the favorites to win the College World Series, and the Tigers snagged a pair of right-handers in last week's draft from UVA. TigsTown chatted with both - first up, is right-hander Whit Mayberry.

TigsTown: How did you feel being drafted by the Tigers?

Whit Mayberry: I'm ecstatic…it's a life-long dream, and I couldn't be more excited to have the opportunity to compete in the Tigers organization.

TigsTown: Did you know the Tigers were interested in you?

WM: We had a winter meeting with scouts, and I had an opportunity to talk with the area scout, Bill Buck. A couple weeks before the draft he reached out to me and he told me there was a chance they'd draft me. We were actually in a Super Regional game when I was drafted, but after the game I checked my voicemail and found out.

TigsTown: Do you plan on continuing to pursue baseball as a career?

WM: Absolutely – I want to continue to pursue this dream. I've been working the past five years for this and working for a national championship. So I'm definitely looking forward to the opportunity to compete and play against the pros.

TigsTown: A couple years ago, you had major surgery. How was that process and your recovery?

WM: My Junior year, I had Tommy John surgery. I'm just extremely grateful for how the University helped me through that - they helped get the surgery done, and helped me rehab. So long as you're patient and work hard you can come back equal or sometimes even greater than you were before.

I'd say the hardest part was being patient and watching my team compete and just having to sit out while I worked my way back and was eventually able to pitch my senior year.

TigsTown: What did you learn from the injury?

WM: I learned a bit more about my body, how to take better care of it, learning rehab exercises, shoulder exercises, so even though it was tough and overall bad a situation, some good came through it.

TigsTown: For those that haven't seen you pitch, what's your repertoire?

WM: Well I throw a two seam fastball, a changeup along with a breaking ball and a slider. Sometimes I pitch backwards working off the off-speed, sometimes pitch more traditionally off the two seamer.

A big thing they teach us here at Virginia is forcing weak contact and not giving away hits. So that's something I feel I've really grown in, learning both how to pitch to contact and how to challenge hitters with every pitch.

TigsTown would like to thank Whit for taking the time to chat with us, and wishes him well in the College World Series along with a potential pro career with the Tigers.

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