TigsTown Q&A: 8th Rd Pick Artie Lewicki

After yesterday's interview with 21st rounder Whit Mayberry, head inside to read about Mayberry's teammate at UVA, right-hander Artie Lewicki, who the Tigers snagged in the eighth round of this year's draft.

TigsTown: How does it feel to be drafted by the Tigers?

Artie Lewicki: I was immediately excited, know that it's a great organization, and was just really happy to be picked by them. I've also seen that a lot of talent is homegrown, a lot of that pitching has come up through the organization, so really excited to be there.

TigsTown: Did you know the Tigers were interested in you?

AL: I had heard a ltitle bit, nothing too serious up until right before they picked me. I had talked with the area scout a couple times though so I thought they might be interested.

TigsTown: How has your recovery from Tommy John surgery gone and was it helpful having a teammate (Mayberry) going through it at around the same time?

AL: It was a long road, wasn't easy by any means, but going through it with Whit definitely helped. Going back and forth with him for a while definitely was helpful to get through it. We went through it together, and so we both enjoyed seeing each other succeed after we were able to make it back.

TigsTown: Tell Tigers fans what you have in your repertoire.

AL: I'm not exactly sure where my velocity is, but it's usually anywhere from 89 to 93/94. I have a four seam and two seam fastball. My breaking ball is my best pitch, that's my go to pitch and I can throw it whenever I want to, regardless of the situation.

I've been a starter this last year, but I've been a reliever in the past, so which pitches usually depends on that too.

TigsTown: Do you have a preference between starting and relieving?

AL: I just like to pitch, so wherever I'm at, I'll just be happy to get into a game.

TigsTown: Have you talked to the Tigers about which role they'd like you in?

AL: I haven't talked to the Tigers about the role yet. For now, just trying to stay focused for Virginia and what we have to accomplish. For now I'm just excited to be in the College World Series and try and help get this team a national title.

TigsTown: Do you have any goals for your career as a baseball player?

AL: I want to pitch in the big leagues – everyone that signs a contract, that's usually their long-term goal. I'm definitely excited, and I'm ready to learn and find out what it takes to put the work in.

TigsTown would like to thank Artie for taking the time to chat with us, and wishes him well in the College World Series along with a potential pro career with the Tigers.

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