2014 TigsTools: Best Power

True raw power stands out like a sore thumb, and when that power makes the leap from batting practice to game situations, it can truly be something special to watch. The Tigers have several prospects with the chance to show big-time power in game situations and some of them are starting to realize that potential. Check inside for the details!

Best Power
1. OF Steven Moya
2. 1B James Robbins
3. 1B Aaron Westlake
4. OF Tyler Collins
5. 1B Jordan Lennerton

In what may be the least surprising ranking in this entire series, Steven Moya rests atop this list. With top of the scale raw power, Moya is easily the best power prospect in the Tigers system, and likely among the best power prospects in the entire game.

The gap between Moya and Robbins/Westlake is sizeable, but both players have the raw power to drive the ball out of any part of the park. Neither player makes the type of contact that will make them successful Major League sluggers, but both have the raw power teams covet.

Tyler Collins sold out for power for much of the 2014 season and his batting average and on-base rates suffered as a result. Collins has the strength and bat speed to thump the ball but he doesn’t lift the ball like a classic power hitter, relying more heavily on smoked line drives to get the ball over the fence. Collins has solid-average Major League power, and while that doesn’t sound sexy, it is very valuable in today’s game.

Jordan Lennerton continues to hang on around the back of this list, despite his fading prospect status (such as it was). Lennerton has power to the pull side but he generates that pop with a strong, leveraged swing, rather than through bat speed.

Honorable Mention
UT Dean Green
OF Michael Gerber
3B Joey Pankake

Dean Green continues to hang around the last few slots on this list and while he has better raw hitting ability than players like Lennerton or Collins, his power doesn’t stack up. Two new additions to the system, Gerber and Pankake offer very intriguing raw power. Gerber has to sell out to reach his power and his inability to recognize pitches and swing through balls in the strike zone will result in his power playing down in games. Pankake has a chance to be a dynamic power hitter with good contact rates and an ability to drive the ball to all fields.

Projection Kings
OF Jose Azocar
OF Julio Martinez
OF/1B Luis Torrealba

The Tigers Latin American pipeline is poised to continue producing talent over the next few years, and the three players listed here could all be a big reason why. Jose Azocar broke out with monster numbers in the VSL this season, and he could be next dynamic prospect in the Tigers system. Luis Torrealba and Julio Martinez are impressive teenagers that are classic power prospects that need the rest of their game to catch up.

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