2014 TigsTools: Best Outfield Defense

With an aim over time at landing athletes with speed, along with some very capable college defenders, there are quite a few strong defensive outfielders. See who among them rank near the top inside.

Best Outfield Defense
1. Jason Krizan (OF)
2. Daniel Fields (CF)
3. Derek Hill (CF)
4. Austin Schotts (CF)
5. Ismael Salgado (CF)

Krizan has earned praise for his glove since his college days, with some scouts believing he could be an above-average to plus defender at all the spots. Krizan gets excellent jumps when playing on the corners, and his routes are clean and precise. In center field, Krizan is polished but lacks the prototypical speed to play up the middle; relying more on his instincts than raw ability.

Since moving to the outfield after turning pro, Fields has developed into a quality glove with the ability to defend at a high level in center field.

Hill was one if the better outfield defenders at the top of last year's draft, and he showed at tremendous ability to go get it in his pro debut. He still needs some polish, including taking charge as the director in center, but Hill could easily top this list before the end of next season.

Both Schotts and Salgado have 70 grade speed that plays well in center field, allowing them to compensate for developing instincts.

Honorable Mention
Wynton Bernard (OF)
Connor Harrell (OF)
Jamie Johnson (OF)

Johnson and Harrell both continued to show the skills necessary to defend in the middle of the outfield in 2014, and they also have the necessary feel and aptitude to handle either outfield current as well. After signing as a minor league free agent before last year, Bernard showed improved defensive skills that, in part, led the Tigers to add him to the 40-man roster.

Projection Kings
Jose Azocar (CF)
Rashad Brown (LF)

Brown's poor arm strength likely limits him to left field in the long run, but he showed some flashes of ability in center field in 2014. His speed is to notch and his reads and routes just need to catch up. Azocar is already considered one of the best outfield defenders in the system at the complex league level, and with stateside exposure in 2015, he could earn a spot in the top five.

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