2014 TigsTools: Best Outfield Arm

With the departure of Avisail Garcia to the White Sox, the top spot was wide open for the first time in a while. Classically strong outfield arms have velocity, plenty of carry and good accuracy, all lending to a good fit in right field. The Tigers have a few of those arms bouncing around the system, but nothing on the order of Garcia or even Casper Wells. Check inside for this year’s list!

Best Outfield Arm
1. Jason Krizan (OF)
2. Connor Harrell (OF)
3. Tyler Gibson (CF)
4. Steven Moya (RF)
5. Mike Gerber (RF)

After topping the outfield defense list, Krizan sits atop the list of top outfield arms, cementing himself as the top overall defensive outfielder in the organization. With an easy delivery and quick release, Krizan can help control the opponents’ running games with ease.

Both Harrell and Gibson offer tools laden packages that include plus raw arm strength and the ability to gun down runners from anywhere in the outfield. Both players must continue to improve their accuracy and consistency, but they have the raw arm strength for any outfield position.

Moya draws the most praise for his prodigious raw power, but after coming back from Tommy John surgery, he also has plus raw arm strength. His plus arm plays down in games as he struggles with his mechanics and the ball doesn’t always come out of his hand cleanly, but when he gets it right and lets the ball fly, Moya has a laser that fits his right field profile.

Gerber is a new entrant to this list after signing out of Creighton last summer. While with the NYPL’s Connecticut Tigers last summer, Gerber flashed an above-average arm that fit well in right field and forced runners to think twice about taking an extra base when the ball was hit in his direction.

Honorable Mention
Jeff McVaney (OF)
Ben Verlander (RF)

Both McVaney and Verlander have shown upper-80s to low-90s heat from the mound in the past, and both players offer above-average arm strength in the outfield. McVaney’s outfield throws are of the max effort variety with good velocity and solid carry, while the ball comes out of Verlander’s hand with ease and has impressive carry and accuracy all over the field.

Projection Kings
Jose Azocar (CF)
Ariel Serrano (OF)

Just as last year, Ariel Serrano showed greater consistency in approaching his projection of owning a plus arm from the outfield, and the high-end arm strength showed more frequently in 2014. Azocar’s name has been popping up all over the place this winter, and his arm strength is just another impressive tool; consistently showing plus with occasional scouts believing he could still have more in the tank as he completes his physical development.

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