Tigers 2015 Draft Picks, Bonus Pool Set

With the signing of James Shields now official, the 2015 MLB Draft order and bonus pools are set. While prior years this news wasn't monumental for the Tigers, who had frequently been without a first rounder, it is notable for the Tigers this year, as they'll have two picks within the first 35 selections and a much larger pool to work with.

With the Shields signing done, the 2015 MLB Draft Order is set. And for the first time in many years, it solidifies that the Tigers are going to be in an advantageous position.

The Tigers original first round pick is now set to be 22nd overall, with a slot recommendation of $2,164,300. In addition with the club losing Max Scherzer to the Nationals, they'll also get the 34th selection in the draft, as part of the compensation round. That pick comes with a slot value of $1,803,600, giving the Tigers a pool of nearly $4 million just for their first two picks.

With that, in addition to the remainder of their top ten round selections, the Tigers will have $7,147,700 to hand out to those 11 selections. That will be the most the Tigers have had to spend on their draft picks since the bonus pool limitations were implemented a few years ago.

As a reminder, the Tigers can go over this limit, but will be subject to penalties. If they go over the pool but stay within 5%, they'll be subject to a 75% tax on the overage. If they go more than 5% over but less than 10% over, they'll lose their first round draft pick next year, and will have to pay a 100% tax on the overage. And if they go over their bonus pool by more than 15% can lose two first round draft picks, in addition to the 100% tax.

In addition, beyond the players that fall in the first ten rounds which are subject to the bonus pool, anyone that receives a signing bonus of over $100,000, even if not in one of those rounds, would count against the bonus pool.

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