Roundtable: Most Exciting Newcomer

This week's Roundtable question: Among the new acquisitions, who are you most excited to see in action this spring?

Paul Wezner, Executive Editor

Teams that win their division for the fourth consecutive year usually don't undergo a roster makeover, but that's exactly what the Tigers did, adding two new starting pitchers, a handful of relievers, and a pair of exciting outfielders. As far as value to the team, obviously Yoenis Cespedes and Shane Greene rank among the most important from a contribution standpoint. But the guy I'm most curious to see is center fielder Anthony Gose. Cespedes should provide power, and Greene may be an up-and-coming starter, but Gose has the potential to be a plus defender in center and a table setter with his speed. If he can be a most-days player by generating enough offense, that filters down throughout the lineup. The question is whether or not his speed is ready to be elite-level that could overcome his offensive deficiencies, or if as a still-developing 24-year old, he still has some growth left in his game at the plate.

Mark Anderson, Director of Scouting

The Tigers did plenty to infuse some life into the roster this year, including adding outfielders Anthony Gose and Yoenis Cespedes, along with a few relievers and a couple new starters. Despite the roster turnover, Cespedes is easily the crown jewel that needs to be watched closely this spring and all season. Despite his immediate success and subsequent flashes of high-end potential, Cespedes has yet to really demonstrate the type of player he is capable of being. He is a multi-tooled player with incredible gifts on both sides of the ball. With even a modest step forward in his approach at the plate, Cespedes could hit for a high average with outstanding power from the right side; the type of power he put on display in the Home Run Derby. Cespedes is never going to be a perfect offensive player with a polish approach and tons of walks, but he could be a dynamic slugger that you go out of your way to watch when he steps in the batter's box. I know I will be going out of my way to watch him this spring, and likely all season.

Neil Weinberg, Senior Analyst

I think it has to be Shane Greene. There's this interesting gap between what people thought of him coming up and what he did in 2014. Figuring that out starts with getting a better look at his changeup, so that's priority one for me as an analyst this month.

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