Tigers Minor League Spring Training Schedule

Interested in taking in a minor league game during spring training? Here's the full schedule!

This has been a bit tough to come by this year, but below is the minor league game schedule for spring training this year. By default, there are four "teams" - directionally aligning with each of the club's four full-season minor league teams - Class-A West Michigan, High-A Lakeland, Double-A Erie, and Triple-A Toledo.

As we get closer to camp breaking, the players on each team will become more representative of the likely makeup of each team on Opening Day. Up until then, it'll be a mix as certain players are called up to play in the big league game for depth purposes, and others are moved around to accommodate innings and at-bats needed, usually based on the priority of the player and the work. A position like catcher is usually especially in flux, as the Tigers will always carry more catchers with the big league club right up until spring training ends, meaning the guys that will be in Triple-A have to be with the MLB team, so the guys in Double-A have to bump up to Triple-A, and so on.

With that, head to the TigsTown Premium Forum, or follow the link below, for the full spring training schedule for the minor league teams:

2015 Minor League Spring Training Schedule

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