Tigers 1st Rd Scouting Report: Beau Burrows

The Tigers broke their mold with their first round pick, selecting Texas prep right-hander Beau Burrows. What made him so appealing?

Beau Burrows


Position: Right-handed Pitcher
Date of Birth: 9/18/1996 (2015 Opening Day Age: 22)
Height/Weight: 6-2/200
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Acquired: 2015 MLB Draft, 1st Round

Scouting Report

Body: Shorter than listed height; closer to six-foot even; well-proportioned with some length to arms; good strength and mature body overall; broad shoulders; lacks physical projection and likely won’t progress much with body.

Delivery/Mechanics: Will get described as having effort in delivery; everything works well and he repeats pretty well; “effort” is of minimal concern at this point; leans back at balance point and generates some angle to the plate as a result; short arm action with very quick arm through delivery; extends out front but quickly recoils; will fall to 1B side at times; no major flags at this early juncture and could make additional strides with pro instruction.

Fastball: Mature pitch; excellent velocity; sits 93-95 mph at all times; pitch has explosive life and jumps at hitters because ball flies out of his hand; will reach 97-99 mph during outings; holds velocity deep into starts; dominating pitch with plus-plus potential at peak and nearly there already; lack of physical projection holds back significant anticipated velo bump; still easy 6+ offering that should settle half a grade higher. Grade – Present 6+/Future 7

Curveball: Best secondary pitch; improved consistency from junior to senior year of high school; pitch has tight rotation and hard overhand bite at best; has stretches where he doesn’t stay on top of CB and pitch floats and loses snap, riding up in the zone; when on, pitch dives away from bats; can bury in the dirt at times but typically throws in the zone at present; future plus pitch that needs consistency in release, spin, and subsequently bite. Grade – 5/6

Changeup: Definitely third pitch; still working on all facets of offering; will still slow arm speed instead of trusting grip and letting it fly; can show some sink at times; good change of pace pitch that could be average if everything comes together; likely comes a little short of that as overall feel for pitch just isn’t there. Grade – 4/4+

Control/Command: Aggressive with FB in the strike zone; likes to throw strikes and blow pitch past hitters; still developing ability to move ball east-west; elevates with success and can work the lower third of the zone with regularity; CB and CH command lag behind but CB should develop average command profile given current and projected feel; command of CH is wild card and with development, could help pitch play up; control profile will play immediately in minor leagues; refined command will take time and repetition, particularly out of stretch.

Other: Confident kid; knows he’s got big time velocity and likes to challenge with it; pickoff move will need some work; fielding position is work in progress; emotional guy that can get frustrated with himself at times, but doesn’t hinder performance.

Final Word

Summary: Big-time velocity and potential hammer breaking ball; top two pitches could carry profile to MLB success in some role; development of changeup and command will be key to long-term success as starting pitcher; body and arsenal both have minimal projection remaining; significant improvement will come around the edges with nuances of game; good confidence; high quality makeup.

Risk: Extreme risk; Standard risk associated with high school pitchers; needs grade jump with changeup and command to approach ceiling.

Projection: Despite some dissenting opinions scouting community, Burrows has raw stuff and projected improvement in CH and command to remain in the rotation; good stamina that allows him to maintain exceptional velocity deep into games; potential mid-rotation starter if things come together; velocity and hard curveball allow for backup play in late inning relief role; likely 4-5 minor league seasons (including 2015) from MLB career.

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