Q&A: 5th Round OF Cam Gibson

In the fifth round, the Tigers snagged Michigan State outfielder Cam Gibson, the son of former Tigers star slugger and current broadcaster. Gibson talked with TigsTown about his game and future plans.

TigsTown: What’s your initial reaction to being drafted by the Tigers?

Cam Gibson: I had no reaction, to be honest, I was kind of like a deer in the headlights. But it seems right that I start my journey to living my dream as a Tiger in the old English D in the town that I love and grew up in.

TigsTown: So based on your comment, it sounds like you plan on signing?

CG: I’ve actually already signed and I’m going to be heading to Lakeland soon.

TigsTown: Were you expecting the Tigers to draft you, or did you know they had interest in you?

CG: I had seen them at a half dozen of my games so I thought they might be interested but I didn’t know. And then I went to a workout with them a couple days before the draft, and going into it I knew I was going have to bust my [redacted], I’m going to have to work hard and I just showed them my game, and apparently they liked what I had to offer.

It’s pretty crazy that you can hopefully play for them one day.

TigsTown: Obviously you’re familiar the Tigers organization, but what do you know about the staff that you’ll be working with and those on the development side?

CG: I’ve been talking to my dad about all that, and he knows the guys down there, and he told me they’re great and that ‘you’re gonna get whipped into shape.’ Which is great, because there are things I know I need to work on, because I’ll never have the game fully figured out, so it’s going to be so good for my game to work for these guys and they’ll whip me into shape.

I’m looking forward to training like I never have in my life and working on the ins and outs of the game.

TigsTown: After heading to Lakeland, have the Tigers given you any indication about which team you might play for this summer?

CG: I think I’m gonna go down to Lakeland, start off working there and get settled, and then possibly head to Connecticut to play for the team there this summer.

TigsTown: For fans that haven’t seen you play, tell them a little about your game, your strengths and your weaknesses.

CG: My biggest strength is that I step on the field and I’m not gonna be your friend. My one goal is to win the game, and if you stand in front of my goal that’s bad news for you. I’m a pretty hard-nosed player, I like getting down and dirty, get the deed done. I see that as one of my advantages; I feel the need to spark the team up. I take pride in that, and will probably do that for the rest of my career.

I also like to run a lot, running the bases is one of my favorite things to do, just get out there and run the bases and score a lot of runs.

TigsTown: Defensively you’ve been an outfielder – do you have a preference for any of the three outfield positions?

CG: I like center field the best, especially if you’re thinking about a future at Comerica Park, you’re gonna need to be ready to handle all that space. It’s fun to have all that room to roam, I really like chasing down balls, taking away hits. It’s a pretty good feeling when a guy things he’s got a hit and you take that away.

TigsTown: Thoughts on how your game compares to your Dad’s?

CG: We’re almost the same type of player, he had a really good approach, more of a home run approach, mine has in the past been more of a get on base approach. But with the coaches in Lakeland I’m hoping I’ll learn to expand my game, add more of that as I grow.

TigsTown would like to thank Cam for his time and wishes him well as he gets his pro career started with the Tigers.

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