At the Park: Scouting Kyle Ryan

With injuries to Justin Verlander and Kyle Lobstein, and a struggling Shane Greene, the Tigers reached down into the farm once again and pulled up lefty Kyle Ryan to fill a slot in the rotation. As he has held his own so far, can he keep it up?

Name: Kyle Ryan
Position: Pitcher
Date of Birth: 9/25/1991
Bats/Throws: Left/Left
Dates Observed: May 18 and May 24, 2015
Acquired: 2012 MLB Draft, 10th Round

Body: (6’5”, 210) Long, slim body. Minimal physical growth in the future.

Delivery/Mechanics: Long windup, with little hand movement until he starts toward the plate. Very high leg kick. Takes a long time to deliver the pitch after the motion towards the plate. Good extension on delivery. Doesn’t explode toward plate. Delivers pitches from high ¾ arm slot. Shows the ball during stride towards the plate. Consistent arm angle through all pitches. Consistent motion towards plate between windup and stretch. Finishes balanced towards plate.

Fastball: 2 Seam Fastball, 86-89 MPH. Slight tailing action away from RHH. Consistent speed and movement from both windup and stretch. Will leave a few over the plate. Grade: Present 4/Future 4+

Curveball: 74-76. Sweeping curve breaking down and in towards RHH. Some float and hang up in the zone. When thrown harder, the pitch has a sharper break. Added deception from throwing the pitch from the same arm slot as fastball. Threw more later in games. Mainly used on LHH. Struggles with throwing the pitch with consistent movement and location. Grade: Present 4/ Future 4+

Cutter: 84-86 MPH. Very late break down and in towards RHH. Releases pitch from same angle as fastball. Threw many more on 5/24. Mainly used on RHH. Slight inconsistency in movement of pitch. Extremely effective when low in the zone and mistakes are not hit hard. Grade: Present 5/ Future 5

Changeup: 80-81 MPH. Straight with almost no movement. Throws with the least frequency. Pitches floated up in the zone. Grade: Present 3/ Future 3

Control/Command: Pitches efficiently within the strike zone. Throws to contact. Works all 4 quadrants of the zone to both LHH and RHH. Best control is with his fastball. Command of off-speed pitches needs to improve, particularly with his change-up and curve ball. When off-speed pitches are kept low in the zone they are very effective.

Other: Very calm on the mound. Controls the tempo of the game well. Holds his set for different times before pitch when in the stretch. Different pickoff moves, best one being a quick step off before set. Gets off the mound quickly to field his position and to back up plays.

Summary: Tall and calm, with a very long but repeatable throwing motion towards the plate in both the windup and the stretch. Holds a consistent arm angle and release point on all his pitches. He pounds the strike zone with his fastball. His weakness is that he does not have a good reliable off speed pitch. Changeup is a disaster; the pitch does almost nothing and he has a hard time controlling it. Curveball, while good at times, floats when not thrown hard and will occasionally leave the pitch up in the zone. His cutter is his best pitch, which looks like a fastball out of his hand. He lacks explosiveness towards the plate during his delivery. Lacks life on his pitches for as tall and big as he is on the mound.

Projection: Middle/Long relief MLB role ceiling, realistically an organizational starting pitcher.

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