At the Park Scouting Report: Steven Moya

A deeper dive into how Steven Moya has looked so far this season in Toledo from the scout's eye.

Name: Steven Moya
Position: Outfielder
Date of Birth: 8/9/1991
Bats/Throws: Left/Right
Dates Observed: May 22-24, June 5-9
Acquired: Amateur Free Agent, 2008

Body: (6’ 7”, 260) An absolute mountain of a man, with long body. Strength shows through. Still has room to add to the incredibly large frame.

Hit: Long but easy swing, hands start high with a lot of movement pre swing. Low leg lift and places his foot almost where he starts it for timing. Swing is inconsistent and a bit wild, swings and missed at a lot of pitches. Tends to get out in front of a lot of off speed pitches, but shows the ability to foul off pitches he gets fooled on. Has very good bat speed, most of the balls he hits are hit hard. Shows the ability to drive the ball to the opposite field. Shows patience at the plate, sometimes looks as if he is looking for one specific pitch. Grade: Present 3+/Future 4+

Power: Excellent raw power, can drive the ball to all parts of the field on a line and makes it look easy. Power translates to the games very well, consistently driving hit balls hard on the ground and in the air. Can hit some really big home runs. Grade: Present 6+/ Future 7

Speed: (4.25, 4.26). Good speed on both base paths and in the field. Gets to his max speed decently quick out of the box and can sustain it well around the bases. Has a smooth running motion. Grade: Present 4+/ Future 4+

Defense: Makes all routine plays just fine, but struggles when needed to move a large distance for balls. Sometimes will misplay balls into the gap or down the line and will not position himself under a fly ball correctly to make a good throw in. Grade: Present 4/ Future 4

Arm: Good arm strength, throws the ball hard and on a line. Struggles to throw with accuracy and consistency, release of the ball varies from play to play. Grade: Present 4/ Future 5

Other: Very aware in all aspects of the game. Very active on the base paths, always looking for a way to take the next base. One game he took off for second when the pitcher wasn’t paying attention to him. The activity can sometimes get him into trouble though, as he will sometimes attempt to advance when shouldn’t. Very hard working, and very into every at bat he has.

Summary: Very aware and alert player with a massive body. Has a long but inconsistent swing with a lot of moving parts. He struggles greatly with offspeed pitches, but shows the ability to fight off a pitch and stay in at bats. Can be very patient at the plate, as if he is waiting for that one pitch. Can really drive the ball to all parts of the field, and shows plus power when he hits the ball well. Runs well for his size, but defense can sometimes be advantageous. A strong but inaccurate thrower. Really pays good attention to the game around him. Shows amazing potential, but fails to execute on it.

Projection: Future average MLB outfielder.

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