At the Park Scouting Report: Jefry Marte

On Saturday, the Tigers purchased the contract of Jefry Marte from Triple-A Toledo. Get the scouting report on the third baseman from TigsTown associate scout Jack Wagner from his time with the Hens.

Name: Jefry Marte
Position: Third Baseman
Date of Birth: 6/21/1991
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Dates Observed: May 22-24, June 5-9
Acquired: Minor League Free Agent, 2014

Body: (6’ 1”, 220) Strong, slim and athletic body. Not much room to grow in the future.

Hit: Loose stance with hands high at start of swing. Starts with an open stance. Hands drop a small amount during swing, and swings with a slight uppercut. Has a large follow through. Gets under a lot of pitches, resulting in a lot of pop ups, or flat out misses. Struggles with pitches up in the zone. Doesn’t show very good plate discipline or pitch recognition. Fairly aggressive at the plate. Displays plus bat speed, which can turn some marginally hit balls into base hits. Grade: Present 4/Future 4+

Power: Good raw power. While it doesn’t translate to game at-bats as well, he shows the ability to drive the ball out of the park and to the gap when good contact is made. Does not make good contact enough to really reach his potential. Grade: Present 4/ Future 5

Speed: (4.43, 4.39). Due to the big swing, he takes a while to get out of the box and get running. Didn’t see a lot of max effort. Once running, can sustain a good speed. Grade: Present 4/ Future 4

Defense: Reads the ball well off the bat. Shows good mechanics fielding and throwing. Has some trouble transferring the ball from glove to hand when charging in on a ball. Good range to his left, but sometimes overconfident on balls hit in the hole. Grade: Present 4/ Future 5

Arm: Displays good arm strength. Ball travels on a hard line to 1st when he needs to. Will throw the ball lazily to 1st when he has time. Grade: Present 5/ Future 5

Other: Has a very loose and fun attitude during the games, almost to the point of him looking lethargic during some at bats or innings in the field.

Summary: At the plate, he comes with a big swing and struggles to consistently make good contact with the ball, while swinging a lot and not working at bats in his favor. He does show plus bat speed, which helps some of the balls he doesn’t hit well go for hits. He likes inside pitches, and can drive inside pitches out of the park and to the gap fairly well. It takes him a while to get out of the box when he runs, but once he reaches top speed he can sustain it well. While he showed some good defense, on more than one occasion he had trouble on balls he had to charge in for. He has a good arm, and can throw the ball on a hard line to the bag when he needs to.

Projection: Future organizational depth at third base.

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