TigsTown Q&A: Kade Scivicque

Because his LSU Tigers played in the College World Series, catcher Kade Scivicque was one of the last of the Tigers’ 2015 draftees to sign, but the 4th rounder has already seen game action at three different levels. Prior to his first game with the West Michigan Whitecaps, TigsTown spoke to Scivicque about getting drafted and playing pro ball.

To see video of Scivicque in action, head to the following link:

VIDEO: Kade Scivicque in Action for Whitecaps

TigsTown: What was it like getting drafted?
Kade Scivicque: It was just awesome experience for me, I mean, something I’ve never experienced before. I grew up in a really small town. I went to a really small school and a really small JuCo. Went to a big college, but it was a great experience for me. Something I was really excited about.

TT: Where were you when you got drafted?
KS: I was actually at the field. We had just got out of a team meeting. We had practice that day, getting ready for Omaha, and we were in a team meeting with coach, and coach received a phone call from some guy in the Tigers organization. After the meeting coach (Paul) Mainieri called me in and he was like, “Hey, we just got word. We think you’re gonna go soon, hopefully to the Tigers.” And we started watching the computer and I heard my name called.

TT: Did you have any idea the Tigers were interested?
KS: Yeah, I knew they were a team that had interest in me. I talked to the area scout before.

TT: How many year did you play for LSU, and how was your college experience?
KS: I played two years at JuCo, and two years at LSU. It was an awesome experience going to the college world series with those guys. Going out my last year and we get to make it to the College World Series, that’s what every guy goes there for.

TT: Who else from your team was drafted?
KS: Mark Laird, Andrew Stevenson, Alex Bregman, Conner Hale, Zac Person, Mark Laird, Jared Foster...a bunch of guys.

TT: How has pro ball been so far?
KS: It’s just been awesome. Just coming out here and playing the game we enjoy every day. I mean, just staying at the park and just living it up and enjoying it.

TT: It’s been a bit of a whirlwind though right, you’ve already been on three teams?
KS: Yeah, just steadily changing places, and I enjoy it, and hopefully I can keep it going.

TT: What are your strengths and weaknesses?
KS: I think my strengths are catching. I think I catch pretty well, I have a decent arm, and I feel like I can hit a little bit. My weakness is definitely my speed. I’m not the fastest guy.

TT: Anybody you pattern your game after?
KS: You have a bunch of great catchers I like to watch, and like to learn from. Of course Yadi Molina, I mean everybody likes that guy. Salvador Perez, I think he’s awesome. I just think there’s a bunch of big league catchers that are awesome.

TT: Has the organization talked to you about what they want you to work on?
KS: Just get out here and play. They want to see me perform, and hopefully I can do that.

TT: How did you get into baseball?
KS: I started when I was really young. My dad coached me in travel ball all my life when I was growing up. I just enjoyed the game. I have an older brother who played. He played high school, that was it, so I was always around him and his friends, and then my dad started coaching a travel team, and I started playing, and that’s where it all took off.

TT: Where are you from originally?
KS: I’m from a small town, Maurepas, Louisiana. Very few people. Just one road goes straight through the middle of Maurepas. No stop lights, no stop signs.

TT: Is there a lot of water near your house?
KS: We have swamps all around my house, and we have three rivers that run into a lake right by my house, Lake Marepaus. Only about five minutes away.

TT: What do you do for entertainment?
KS: I like all different kinds of music. I’m a big country guy, I like a lot of country music. And I enjoy the outdoors, and just being outside. Hunting and fishing, and I like to be on the water. During fishing season I like to fish, and during hunting season I like to hunt. I’m a big outdoors guy. If I can be outside, then I’d rather be outside than inside. And sports...I watch a lot of SportsCenter. And then movies, I like action movies, comedy movies, and just something that’s interesting.

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