At the Park Scouting Report: Angel Nesbitt

Angel Nesbitt was the talk of Tigers spring training, emerging as a potential option in the back end of the Tigers bullpen. But struggles with consistency relegated him back to Toledo, where he's been working on adjustments. How is he coming along?

Name: Angel Nesbitt
Position: Right-handed Pitcher
Date of Birth: 12/4/1990
Bats/Throws: Right/Right
Dates Observed: June 18 and June 28, 2015
Acquired: Amateur Free Agent, 2009

Body: (6’ 1”, 240) Stocky frame; Strong legs and upper body; looks a little lighter than listed weight; not much projection left.

Delivery/Mechanics: Slow motion with high leg kick; explodes towards the plate; max effort delivery; inconsistent with both motion and arm angle; arm angle varies between very high ¾ and straight ¾; motion speeds up at times; falls a little towards 1st base on delivery; will slide step with runners on at times.

Fastball: : 94-96, touched 97; good arm-side run when kept in the lower half of the zone; pitch floats when left up and arm slot gets flat; if some consistency in the delivery comes, pitch could get marginally better. Grade: Present 6/Future 6+

Cutter: 88-91; quick run in on LHH; releases from same slot as FB; most effective change of pace pitch; thrown to both LHH and RHH; doesn’t miss many bats but induces weak contact; throws with good frequency. Grade: Present 5/ Future 5+

Slider: : 84-87; very inconsistent pitch; more drop than run; can induce weak contact if down in the zone; much more effective when he consistently generates high spin rate; pitch seems to be thrown with no real purpose. Grade: Present 4/ Future 4+

Control/Command: Struggles with command stemming from inconsistency in delivery and arm slot; issues too many walks; balls that float up in the zone stay flat and get pounded; struggles hitting spots in the zone.

Other: Very upbeat player; always ready to throw when needed; always focused.

Summary: Big frame; inconsistent delivery and arm slot; high velocity fastball with good cutter; slider is inconsistent; struggles with command; too many free passes; always ready to play.

Projection: If delivery becomes more consistent, potential 7-8 inning MLB reliever; realistic up and down reliever.

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