At the Park: Scouting Erie SeaWolves Hitters

From a weekend series, there were a number of players watched and assessed, including Wynton Bernard, Harold Castro, and organization newcomer JaCoby Jones. Get the scouting take on their performance, plus many more.

Wynton Bernard (OF)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Thin, athletic frame; shows some strength but needs more; question consistent effort during games; short swing; frequently works inside out; bat speed showed fringe-average; frequent soft contact; rarely squared the ball and drove it; sprays ball to all fields; consistently hits off front foot; struggles with pitch recognition; aggressive approach; 4.08-4.10 down the line at best; frequently showed 4.15-4.20 when better may have force defenders hand; poor base running instincts; solid first step in outfield; does not consistently take direct route to ball; defense can be an adventure; below-average arm strength; org player with 4th/5th OF ceiling.

Jason Krizan (OF)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Rail thin frame; surprising strength for size; starts with hands high, above ear at the plate; slightly open stance; consistent and simple trigger gets hands in position to deliver bat to the zone; below-average bat speed; good approach allows hitter to find pitches he can handle despite weaknesses; knows strike zone and recognizes spin well; below-average hit tool with minimal projection; below-average power; fringe-average runner down the line; shows slightly better speed once underway and on longer runs; reads ball well off the bat in outfield; tracks well and takes direct routes; arm strength has regressed showing mostly fringe to average; org outfielder.

JaCoby Jones (SS)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Live, athletic body; very strong; carries extreme confidence on the field; moderate leg kick; hand load is inconsistent and needs to be cleaned up to allow barrel control to develop further; ball explodes off the bat; handles fastball, including high-velocity, very well; no clue what to do with spin, at times not even offering at hangers because he’s fooled; legitimate plus power to pull side and above-average power to opposite field; swing has mild leverage and more line drive power than anything; below-average hitter at MLB level; power should still play to average level; solid runner; has athleticism and actions for SS but doesn’t execute; below-average glove at present, with potential for fringe-average; above-average arm strength; interested to see athleticism at other positions (3B, CF, 2B); potential utility player.

Dean Green (DH)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Large man; beer league body that is soft but has substantial strength underneath; fringe bat speed; consistent swing mechanics; excellent timing throughout swing; natural hitter with good approach and feel for contact; has ability to hammer fringe stuff; struggles with velocity and quality spin; bottom of the scale runner; non-factor in the field and looks completely lost in pre-game drills; solid arm strength; org bat that bounces between AA and AAA.

James Robbins (1B)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Improved physically with additional strength; still flashes impressive raw power to pull side; lacks barrel control and contact ability; approach is ultra-aggressive with minimal pitch recognition; offensive game is held back as a result; 20 hitter and power plays down in game situations; minor improvements defensively; still shows strong arm; NP as position player; curious if move back to the mound is considered given present arm strength and history of sitting 86-89 mph from the left side.

Connor Harrell (OF)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Impressive physically; chiseled frame; good athlete; decent quick-twitch ability; odd stance at plate; narrow setup with knees pointed inward; high hands; inconsistent hand load as hands drop for delivery of the bat to the hitting zone; above-average bat speed compensates for some inconsistency, but not all; lacks bat control necessary for contact-oriented game; plenty of swing and miss; pure pull hitter that will struggle with spin throughout career; above-average raw power that plays to below-average because of hit tool; 4.36-4.44 down the line; speed plays thanks to solid instincts on the bases and in the field; quick first step in the outfield; tracks the ball well and generally takes direct routes; above-average defender on corners; plays to average level in center field, largely because of decreased range with fringe speed, but instincts can play there; above-average to plus arm; potential fourth outfielder.

Harold Castro (2B)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Extra-lean frame; long legs; solid athlete; moves well on the field and makes things look easy; small leg kick and quiet load; gifted bat-to-ball skills; makes easy contact on a variety of pitches; approach needs refinement to allow him to find pitches he can drive; currently swings at far too many pitches; lacks strength to consistently drive ball; tries to do too much and hit for power; needs to stay gap-to-gap and work line drives for singles/doubles; seems disinterested at times on the field; 4.33-4.38 digs; can steal bases with decent reads and solid speed; has athleticism and tools for solid defensive game, but game appears to fast for him, leading to careless mistakes; average arm strength; potential utility player; realistic org player.

Dominic Ficociello (1B)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Rail thin body; looks more like a basketball player than baseball player; solid strength despite skinny frame; plus bat speed from left side; shows feel for hitting and above-average raw power as LHH; struggles to find same electricity, consistency, and feel for contact as RHH; refinement of approach is necessary to allow offensive game to blossom; potential average hit and power if development continues; Gold Glove caliber defender at first base; makes it all look easy; fields ground balls cleanly, shows ability to pick tough throws, moves around and off bag with ease; talented defensive player; likely org player but some second division potential.

Austin Green (C)
Dates Observed: 14-16 August 2015
Slightly smaller than listed height/weight; average body for catcher; some present strength; average raw power to pull side, generated with leveraged swing and below-average bat speed; power is strength based; knows the strike zone and has some pitch recognition ability; swing is not conducive to consistent hard contact; well below-average hit projection; solid defensive tools; improving as a receiver; strong wrists allow limited drift; handles various pitch types well; needs to continue to refine framing; above-average arm strength; didn’t see legit pop on attempted steal in this viewing; potential backup catcher; likely org player.

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