Catching Up with the Mud Hens

With their year in the minors coming to an end, TigsTown talked to a trio of Mud Hens players about their season, their MLB experiences, and their plans for the winter.

Steven Moya

TigsTown: How’s everything going now at the end of the season? Seems like you’ve had a pretty good August.

Moya: Yeah, you know, just trying to keep working hard and trying to get better at things. I think, little by little, things have been going better.

TigsTown: Anything in particular you think you’re doing better this year? Or stuff you need to work on?

Moya: No, it’s pretty much the same stuff you have to get better at every time. You know, recognizing pitches and trying to be better at the plate, with things like leaving all the bad balls to the catcher, and swinging at strikes. Just that kind of stuff.

TigsTown: They just moved you to left field, right? Was that a permanent thing, was that something that came from the Tigers?

Moya: Don’t ask me, I don’t know. I just see the lineup and go play wherever they say.

TigsTown: So they haven’t told you anything about maybe bringing you up for September? I would think that moving you to left field probably means they want you to come play left in the majors.

Moya: I don’t think about any of that stuff. I just try to play. There’s enough’s enough trying to hit a ball than to think about a bunch of other stuff.

TigsTown: The Mud Hens have had kind of a rough season in terms of wins and losses. Has that been kind of tough?

Moya: Of course it is tough, but you know, you have to live it. It’s hard to lose, it’s always hard to lose, but the only thing we can do is just keep going...don’t give up. There’s still a couple of games to go.

TigsTown: What are your plans for the winter?

Moya: I’m gonna go play some winter ball with the Toros del Este, in the Dominican Republic.

Jefry Marte

TigsTown: What was it like making the majors, and then getting your first hit and your first homer up there?

Marte: That’s a good feeling. That’s something you’re looking for when you’re a kid and your dreams come to you, you know? You see yourself right there. And that was a great experience.

TigsTown: What was it like in the dugout? Did they give you the silent treatment or did they jump on you?

Marte: Man, they was jumping. It was fun.

TigsTown: When did they send you back down here, about three weeks ago? Did they give you a reason?

Marte: No, I got here almost two weeks ago. When they sent me down, they sent me down because they needed a couple pitchers, because they don’t have too many pitchers.

TigsTown: Have you heard anything about coming back up this year?

Marte: I don’t hear anything, you know? You, every time have to do your job.

TigsTown: What are your plans for the winter? Gonna play winter ball?

Marte: Yeah, I play back in my country, the Dominican.

Dixon Machado

TigsTown: How has the rest of the season gone for you?

Machado: Perfect. Everything is fine, I feel good, and waiting for the call to know if I’m going (to Detroit) or not, but I’m fine.

TigsTown: None of you guys have heard yet if you’re gonna come up in September?

Machado: No, no. I hope so...that’s what we want, but let’s see.

TigsTown: So how was it making your major league debut? You got a hit. How cool was that?

Machado: Yeah, I got one hit. I went like one-for-seven, I think. It was great! That’s...all the work that you’ve been doing in your life? It’s all in that moment right there. It feels good.

TigsTown: How’d they treat you in the dugout afterward?

Machado: Great. Yeah, everything was perfect. I know those guys since 2013, so it was kind of fun.

TigsTown: When you came back down they had you working on some other positions too, right?

Machado: Yeah, third base and we practiced at second base too, but like, after two weeks they stopped doing that and I went back to shortstop.

TigsTown: How was working at third?

Machado: It was fun. It’s something different, you know? I feel like if you can play different positions that’s gonna help you to be there (the majors).

TigsTown: And what kind of plans do you have for the winter?

Machado: I’m playing with my team in Venezuela, the Leones del Caracas. I think I’m gonna play just for five weeks, from the beginning of the season until maybe November 15th, I think? After that I’m just gonna come back here and work hard.

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