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At the Park Scouting Report: Alexi Casilla

The Tigers were looking for middle infield depth in the organization over the summer, and went out and acquired Alexi Casilla from the Tampa Bay Rays. Find out what the Tigers have in the middle infielder that filled a key role in Toledo.

Name: Alexi Casilla

Position: Second Baseman

Date of Birth: 07/20/1984         

Bats/Throws: Both/Right

Dates Observed: August 6-8, August 14-15

Acquired: Trade w/ Tampa Bay


Body: (5’9”, 170) Short but athletic build. No physical projection remains.


Hit: Squats down at the plate; almost no front leg movement; short and quick swing; will take a big swing occasionally; aggressive approach; makes a ton of contact; most batted balls are on ground; does not strike out a lot, but does not walk a lot either; will occasionally slap hit from the left side; speed helps for getting on base. Grade: Present 4/Future 4


Power: Little playable power; shows ability to drive a ball to pull side gap; most XBH done with speed rather than bat. Grade: 2/2


Speed: (4.31 4.33 4.29) Can struggle out of the box if long swing is taken; gets to top speed quickly; runs hard; quick around the base path; maintains top speed well; aggressive but smart on the base paths; consistently a threat to steal. Grade: 5+/5+


Defense: Good range to both sides; makes quick reads off the bat; quick hands on transfer; usually well positioned; sometimes can make a play harder than needs to be trying to make a flashy play; quick move off base on double plays. Grade: 5/5


Arm: Struggles with accuracy; often throws are errant when he needs to really fire one in; when given time can make accurate throws; does not get a ton of velocity behind his throws, Grade: 3+/3+


Other: Very confident in all aspects of the game; always hustling; will often look to make plays in a flashy fashion.


Summary: Aggressive contact approach at the plate; in game power almost non-existent; can sometimes leg out an infield hit; smart and aggressive on the bases; solid range in the field; reads the ball well off the bat; doesn’t throw hard and struggles at times to get the ball to its destination accurately.


Projection:  Realistic role is org. depth infielder; Ceiling role utility infielder. 

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