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A scouting report on Toledo Mud Hens pitcher Tim Melville and his potential future with the Detroit Tigers

Signed as a minor league free agent last off-season, right-hander Tim Melville spent the 2015 season with the Toledo Mud Hens. What did he bring to the organization, and could he contend for a big league role in 2016?

Name: Tim Melville

Position: Right-handed Pitcher

Date of Birth: 10/09/1989

Bats/Throws: Right / Right

Dates Observed: August 8 and 14, 2015

Acquired: Minor League Free Agent, 2014


Body: (6’4”, 225) Tall, well proportioned body; good pitchers build; filled out; no projection remains.


Delivery/Mechanics: Stands tall throughout delivery; well paced motion; works quickly; over the top arm angle; abbreviated leg kick in stretch; doesn’t throw with max effort; fluid mechanics; stays balanced throughout.


Fastball: 90-93; throws both 2 and 4 seam pitch; ball seems to jump at hitters; minimal action on 4 seam; some look to almost rise; often thrown effectively up in the zone; slight arm side run on 2 seam; 2 seam velocity sticks at the lower half of velocity readings; doesn’t have a great feel for pitch.  Grade: Present 5/Future 5+


Curveball: 79-83; hard 12-6 movement; good deception out of hand; will throw it in any count; out pitch; induces a lot of swings and misses & weak contact. Grade: 6/6


Slider: 85-87; slow consistent glove side run; throws mostly to RHH; will occasionally throw backdoor to LHH; thrown with least frequency; not thrown for strikes often; failed to get on top of a few that hung up in the zone. Grade: 3+/4


Changeup: 83-84 t85; straight change; thrown with low frequency; can keep pitch down in the zone; thrown to LHH primarily; used as a change of pace pitch. Grade: 4/4


Control/Command: Struggles with command at times; when delivery speeds up command gets worse; hit a few batters with 2 seam fastballs; 4 seam was kept in the zone more often; curveball command is good; works up and down in the zone well; throws too many balls to be efficient.


Other: Gets off the mound well and fields position good; very workman-like attitude both pre-game and in-game; holds runners effectively; allowed 1 hit in 7 IP in 2nd start.


Summary: Ideal pitchers physical makeup; clean & fluid delivery throughout; straight low 90’s fastball that jumps at hitters; lacks a real feel for the pitch; plus curveball with sharp 12-6 movement; will throw curveball in any count; slider has a slow run away from RHH; straight change used as a change of pace pitch; tries to pick corners; doesn’t throw enough strikes to go deep into games; fields position well.


Projection: If moved to the bullpen, ceiling is MLB middle relief. Realistic role is organizational depth starting pitcher.



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