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The weekly Detroit Tigers roundtable on the last few weeks of the season

What are you looking for from the Tigers in the final few weeks of the season?

Paul Wezner, Executive Editor


Daniel Norris. Bruce Rondon. Anthony Gose. Steven Moya. Those four players are all in varying stages of their development as young players, but for the Tigers, what they can be in 2016 is a critical question that needs to be answered, because that informs the rest of the Tigers off-season plans. Is Norris ready to be an everyday starter in the big leagues? Can Rondon be the closer, or perhaps the setup man? Is Gose the center fielder of the future, or just a part-time player with speed and defense? After a challenging 2015, is Moya still a candidate for an everyday big league job, and if he is, would he be ready in 2016? Outside of keeping key players healthy, I’m looking for the Tigers to provide playing time that will help answer those four very key questions.



Mark Anderson, Director of Scouting


To be completely honest, I'm just looking for the players with a key role in 2016 to stay healthy and not jeopardize their role next season. Guys like JD Martinez, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, James McCann, Jose Iglesias, and Justin Verlander need to stay healthy and get a full off-season of preparation for the 2016 season. If that happens, then the final couple of weeks will be a success for the club. Aside from that, it would be nice to see some additional flashes of consistency from Daniel Norris, along with continued success from Nick Castellanos. These two weeks of playing time aren't going to make or break either player, but a continuation of some things they have shown would be a positive sign heading into the off-season. There's really not much to wish for in these final weeks of a difficult season, but healthy players and continued maturation of some young talent are at the top of the list.



Chris Brown, Staff Writer


With a season this disastrous, the temptation is just to ignore the Tigers until next spring, but there are still a few things I'd like to see in the final weeks. I want to see continued development from the younger players on the team. Experience is important, and if kids like Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd, Anthony Gose, James McCann, and Nick Castellanos can learn anything in September, it can only help for next season. I'm also looking for a few individual player accomplishments. I'd love to see J.D. Martinez become the 7th player in Tigers franchise history to have a 40HR season, I'd love to see Miguel Cabrera snap out of his funk to become just the 14th player in MLB history with four batting titles. I'd like to see Ian Kinsler and Jose Iglesias become just the second double-play combo in Tigers history to hit .300 in the same season. And finally, and perhaps most importantly for 2016 and beyond, I'd love to see Justin Verlander continue to look like a viable front-of-the-rotation starter.



John Moore, Associate Scout


The Tigers, for the first time in years, are out of the playoff race in the middle of September. At this point they are only really playing for draft position in next year’s draft. However, just because the team has absolutely no chance at making the playoffs this year doesn’t mean the games don’t still carry intrigue for some people. For me, I am most looking for them to give Steven Moya playing time. Moya still has a ridiculous ceiling because of his raw power and if he is able to hit his ceiling the Tigers have a corner outfield spot locked up for years. However, there are many questions about whether his swing will work at all at the major league level and many think he will never be much of anything. I want to see Steven Moya out there almost every day the rest of the way just to see what he looks like.

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