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DSL Tigers 2015 Season in Review

The DSL Tigers weren’t able to match the success of their rookie league brethren in the Gulf Coast League or Venezuela, as they finished ten games under .500 and didn’t seriously challenge for the league or division title. Despite the struggles in the win/loss column though, the club had a number of impressive performances on the field, especially at the plate from a trio of up and coming prospects.

The DSL Tigers finished the year at 31-41, which placed them 8th among ten clubs in the San Pedro de Macoris division. The league continues to grow, with more organizations adding a second team to provide enough innings and at-bats for the volume of players they’re signing. The Tigers however have maintained just one team, complementing it instead with their Venezuelan team.


The offense wasn’t particularly great, finishing 19th in runs scored and 18th in OPS (out of 38 teams), but as noted, had a few key stars producing for it. Much like the big league club, it was the pitching side where the team struggled, with a 4.29 ERA, good for 34th in the DSL. They were also 34th in WHIP, at 1.51 as they yielded 677 hits, second most in the league.


At the plate, the club was led by a trio of excellent hitters, starting with Randel Alcantara. The third baseman led the team in OPS (6th in the entire DSL) with a .903 OPS. He closely approached the .300/.400/.500 level, hitting .305 with a .415 on-base percentage, and coming up just short of slugging .500 at .488. He still hit for plenty of power though, with 29 extra base hits, including 21 doubles. Alcantara did struggle a bit in the field though, as he led the team in errors committed with 25.


In addition to Alcantara, infielder Hector Martinez also had a very good showing, trailing Alcantara in OPS by just 20 points as he led the team in hits with 75 and batting average at .336.


Julio Martinez was the final member of the trio that powered the DSL Tigers offense. Martinez was a bonus baby signing in 2014 for $600,000. The 17-year old outfielder more than held his own, with the highest ISO on the team at 0.19. He also was the team’s RBI leader as he showed off the power potential that earned that big bonus.


Catcher Bryan Tejeda had a strong line as well, as he also hit over .300, while shortstop Isrrael De La Cruz led the club in stolen bases with 14.


The pitching staff was in a similar position, with a few standout performers leading the way, especially in the rotation. Yei Almonte and Felix Viloria were tied for the team lead in innings pitched, as each turned in 62 innings. Almonte found the most ultimate success, with just a 1.89 ERA (though he did allow a staggering 19 unearned runs), while Viloria led the team in strikeouts.


A third member of the rotation also found success in Noel Ovalles. The 18-year old right-hander struck out 9.6 batters per nine innings over 14 starts for the team. In the bullpen, Malvin Martinez was excellent, with a miniscule 1.45 ERA and nine saves in 27 games. He also posted a 0.99 WHIP and had a 10.4 K/9 rate.


The team didn’t find as much success when it came to game results as they would have liked. But players like Alcantara impressed many, and others like Julio Martinez showed why he was worth the big bonus and will be players to watch in the very near future.

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