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2016 Detroit Tigers Prospect Tools: Best Power Hitter

The Tigers added a pair of very good power hitters to the organization over the summer in 2015, adding to the man at the top of the list that could still be a big player in Detroit. But much of the optimism in this group might be in those that have plenty of projection but are still at the very bottom of the organizational ladder, ready to hammer their way up it.

Best Power Hitter

1. Steven Moya (OF)

2. Christin Stewart (OF)

3. JaCoby Jones (IF)

4. Giancarlo Brugnoni (1B)

5. James Robbins (1B)


The man at the top of the list is no surprise, and is familiar to almost all Tigers fans at this point in time. Moya is known for having mammoth power, which he finally put to use on the field in 2014 when he was named Eastern League MVP, tying an Erie SeaWolves home run record with 35 bombs. His performance in 2015 lagged behind, as he struggled against more advanced pitching and with his approach at the plate, but when he connects, he can still drive the ball and maintains some of the best raw power in baseball. Will need to make strides with his overall hit tool for the power to play at the big leagues, but make no mistake that the potential there is still enormous.


The next two on the list are a pair of newcomers to the organization, one via the draft and one via the trade deadline purge that the Tigers underwent. Stewart showed himself to be an all-around good hitter in his stint with West Michigan, with good pop off the bat and an aggressive approach. Jones might be a surprise to some on the list, but despite contact issues at times, the ball can jump off his bat thanks to his natural strength and good bat speed.


A pair of first basemen round out the list, in Robbins and Brugnoni. Robbins has been featured on the list many times before, and continues to carry plenty of pop in his bat, even if other areas of his game struggle, when he barrels up a ball, he can drive it. Much like Robbins, Brugnoni doesn’t have a wealth of other tools, but he has incredible pop in his bat, and can put on shows in batting practice.


Honorable Mention


Mike Gerber (OF)

Connor Harrell (OF)

Julio Martinez (3B)


Starting in reverse among those in the honorable mention category, Martinez would usually be a player reserved for the Projection category, only he’s already put enough power on display to warrant inclusion as being close to being in the top five. Martinez oozes power potential with a body and frame that drives the ball. Gerber meanwhile has above average raw power and can show it off on occasion in games, but it often plays more in the gaps. Harrell meanwhile has pop in his bat that he displays enough to garner attention when he does.


Projection Kings


Randel Alcantara (3B)

Ignacio Valdez (OF)

Luis Torrealba (OF)


The projection list is an intriguing group. Starting with Alcantara, he’s still long and lean right now, but is already showing signs of being able to drive the ball, while seeing his natural hitting ability aide his power game. Valdez is on the opposite side of the game from Alcantara when it comes to his approach at the plate, frequently struggling to make contact. But he’s a massive human being that can see the ball fly off his bat when he makes contact. Finally, Torrealba shows plenty of potential to drive the ball, and while he remains extremely risky as a prospect, the lack of power numbers shouldn’t mask the power potential he has.

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