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Detroit Tigers TigsTown Scouting Report #26: Julio Martinez

The Tigers inked young outfielder Julio Martinez to a $600,000 signing bonus two summers ago, and thus far he's done nothing to diminish the optimism of his future potential. Martinez has an impressive frame and brings plenty of power to the game. Find out what else he has.


Position: Outfielder

Date of Birth: 12/15/1997 (2016 Opening Day Age: 18)

Height/Weight: 6’2/195

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Acquired: International Free Agent, 2014

Ranking History: #42 (2015), #26 (2016)


2015 Performance

DSL Tigers Rookie 57 208 29 57 13 7 4 41 6 .274 .339 .462

Scouting Report

Body: Mature frame for his age; well-built with excellent natural strength; questions about where the body goes from here; modest athleticism.


Hit: Flashes a quality approach for his age; will lay off FB outside of primary hitting zone; can recognize spin at times but will still chase; despite ability to stay within strike zone, still has swing and miss to game when swing elongates and he doesn’t get to the zone quickly; at his best, bat explodes from the load to the hitting zone with plus bat speed and solid barrel control; can drive the ball to all fields, showing particular feel for driving the ball hard to right field; willing to work middle of diamond consistently to maximize hit tool productivity in games; potential average hitter with continued development; potential .260-270 hitte. Grade – Present 3/Future 5


Power: Primary tool; easy plus raw to all fields; wears out center field wall and beyond during BP; massive raw power that approaches double-plus when he turns on an inside pitch; quality approach for this stage of his development allows power to play in game situations; doesn’t punish secondary mistakes as much as he loads up and drives FB; potential carrying tool with 20-25 home runs or more at his peak. Grade – 5+/6+


Speed: Speed has improved since signing, showing fringe-average speed at times and some scouts believe he could have average speed once underway after his physical maturation is complete; more likely he settles in as fringe or below-average runner; lacks instincts for any speed to play on the bases; won’t be part of game long term. Grade – 4+/4


Defense: Defensive skill set remains raw; instincts are currently developing; doesn’t react quickly off the bat but puts forth considerable effort to make up for late reads; routes improved dramatically in 2015 with most direct to the path of the ball; remains limited to left field and projects there long term. Grade – 3+/4+


Arm: Improved from below-average to consistently fringe-average during first year of pro instruction; arm still limits to left field, but is no longer a complete detriment to defensive projection; some potential for arm to continue improvement toward average level. Grade – 4+/5


Other: Across the board improvement in 2015 speaks volumes of work player has put into developing game; not necessarily an instinctual player, but plays hard in all phases of the game.


Final Word

Summary: Signed for $600,000 in 2014; previously power-only profile, but has improved in all facets of game during first season as professional; power is still carrying tool that projects to plus level with ease; hitting ability now projects to average level with solid approach, good bat speed, and some barrel control; hit tool could take time to develop; limited to left field defensively thanks to suspect instincts, fringe speed, and fringe arm strength; potential impact-level bat thanks to rare power.


Risk: Extreme risk; No stateside experience, many tools require at least a half-grade jump to make profile viable.


Projection: Should make stateside debut with GCL Tigers in 2016; extremely long road to Major League level; if hit tool develops, offensive profile could land him in the middle of an MLB order; considerable pressure on the bat given defensive projection.




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