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2016 TigsTools Detroit Tigers Prospect Tools: Best Outfield Arm

Raw arm strength may not be as important to outfield defense as range and instincts, but few things in baseball are as exciting as an outfielder uncorking a laser and nailing a runner trying to score. The best outfield arms can throw with velocity, carry, and accuracy, and while there isn’t a Cespedes-level arm lurking in the Tigers’ system, there are a handful of players who make runners think twice before heading home. Head inside to see who they are!


Best Outfield Arm


1. Jason Krizan (OF)

2. Connor Harrell (OF)

3. Steven Moya (RF)

4. Michael Gerber (OF)

5. Ben Verlander (RF)


Krizan also topped the list of best overall outfield defense thanks in part to his arm. He shows plus velocity, has an extremely quick release, and has displayed terrific accuracy throughout his pro career.

Harrell is a great athlete with plenty of arm strength to match Krizan, but he lags slightly behind due to accuracy and consistency issues that sometimes let throws get away from him,

Tigers fans got a glimpse of Moya’s above-average arm in a game against Cleveland last September when he took a ground ball in left field and threw a frozen rope to nab Francisco Lindor at the plate. His arm plays well in either corner, with only the occasional mechanical hiccup preventing him from ranking higher on the list.

Gerber makes the back half of this list for the second year in a row thanks to good accuracy and arm strength that shows flashes of being above-average.

Ben Verlander was a two-way player in his first two seasons at Old Dominion, and while he could never boast the elite velocity of his big brother, he has more than enough arm strength to profile in right field.


Honorable Mention

Jeff McVaney (OF)

Ross Kivett (OF)


Like Verlander, McVaney spent some time on the mound in college, tossing 70 innings of relief in his four years at Texas State. He puts effort into his throws, but has no trouble getting the ball where it needs to go.

Kivett spent most of his college career playing second base, so his arm was a little light when he entered pro ball. He has adjusted well to the outfield, however, and his now-average arm strength helped him rack up 15 assists in West Michigan in 2015.

Projection Kings

Jose Azocar (OF)

Juan Ramirez (OF)


Azocar is an athletic outfielder who oozes defensive potential. He still needs plenty of work with his accuracy and consistency, but he has the raw arm strength to rank near the top of this list in the future.

A July 2 signee from last year, Ramirez has yet to see any professional game action, but he enters the system with a highly regarded arm that should profile well in right field when he matures.



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