Part Two: Anthony Castro Rehabs, Begins Throwing

In the second installment of a three-part series, Detroit Tigers' pitching prospect Anthony Castro discusses his Tommy John rehab and current throwing program.

Working his way back from Tommy John surgery, Tigers prospect Anthony Castro has agreed to participate in a three-part series with TigsTown, documenting his return to the mound. As the series unfolds we look forward to giving you the reader an inside look at Anthony's journey.

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TigsTown: It has been a long time since our first article -- eight months to be exact. During that time, you have been a busy man. Lots of rehab, and you officially began baseball activities if I'm not mistaken. Can you talk a bit about what you've been up to since we last spoke?

Castro: Rehab. Lots of rehab. From cardio to strength and conditioning exercises to regain range of motion. They kept me busy this off-season. I worked hard and I feel like I made the most of this time.

TigsTown: When exactly did your throwing program begin? Can you walk us through some of that process?

Castro: In January I started throwing flat ground from 90 feet in Venezuela. Then once I came here [to Lakeland] in February, I started throwing 120 feet. It's touch and feel at that point. Not much effort. 50, maybe 60 percent effort. Then once I worked my way up to 100 percent, I only threw fastballs during my sessions. They also have me work from the stretch, to simplify mechanics while I build up reps.

TigsTown: How did your arm feel when you first started throwing?

Castro: I feel strong. Stronger than I've ever felt before. Even my arm-speed feels faster. I remember thinking like, wow this feels good, when I first started throwing again. No pain. 

TigsTown: What sort of treatment do you receive now when you're throwing?

Castro: Everyday I start out with my arm in a bathtub of hot water. Then there's lots of stretching. When I throw they have me on the table using these small Dumbbells to strengthen my arm. It's a long process, but it's worth it. I can feel myself getting stronger. They take good care of me.

TigsTown: So you're throwing bullpens now. Exactly what did it feel like to get back on that bump, and finally really let it go after all that hard work?

Castro: I was really excited the first time out. Many nights I dreamed of what that day would feel like. Throwing again was all I could think about. And finally being out there, even if it was just a was a dream come true. The night before I threw I had a dream about it. I really did. That's a day I'll never forget. Honestly though, it went by too fast. I remember saying, really, we are already done? Fifteen pitches goes by fast. After a couple weeks of nothing but fastballs, today [4/26/16] I threw my curveball for the first time. It felt amazing and I'm happy to start working on my secondary pitches now.

Next Up: In the third installment, we will check back with Castro once he returns to the field for short-season ball.


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