TigsTown 2016 Detroit Tigers Draft Central

The Tigers have signed 27 of their selections from the 2016 MLB Draft, with just one of their top ten picks still yet to be signed.

Rd 1 (9): RHP Matt Manning (SIGNED - $3,505,800; slot)


Scouting Report: Matt Manning


The Tigers swung for the fences with their first and only selection in the top 100 picks, snagging the big right-hander in Manning. The righty is a lanky 6' 7" with big time projection, and things like a mid-to-upper 90's fastball should come as no surprise. What could make things complicated are Manning's bonus demands. Word on the street as the draft approached was that Manning was looking for a signing bonus in the neighborhood of $5 million, well above slot for the 9th overall pick. Given the Tigers don't have a 2nd or 3rd round pick, the club's entire bonus pool allotment just $5.4 million, making that price tag very challenging.

Rd 4 (115): RHP Kyle Funkhouser (SIGNED - $750,000; over slot 234K)


Scouting Report: Kyle Funkhouser


Last May, many projected Funkhouser to be a top five pick. Then he started sliding down draft boards, fell all the way to 35th, and didn't get the bonus he wanted, so he returned to school. But his stuff hasn't rebounded (with his fastball sitting 90-92 this spring for Louisville), and his command issues have continued, leading to him to fall all the way to the 115th pick with the Tigers. As a senior, Funkhouser will sign (slot value is roughly $500K) once Louisville's NCAA tournament run is over, and if he can regain his 2014 and early 2015 form, the Tigers could have a steal on their hands, but it's hard to predict which pitcher the Tigers will get.

Rd 5 (145): RHP Mark Ecker (SIGNED - $386,500; slot)



Ecker has been dominant closing for Texas A&M this spring, and could go multiple ways if he signs as a Junior. If he stays in relief, with his mid-90's fastball, he could be a candidate to move up the ladder quickly in the organization. However, he also features both a good changeup and occasional breaking ball, leaving open the possibility of him moving into the rotation.

Rd 6 (175): RHP Bryan Garcia



Garcia is another college closer that the Tigers have shown to be fond of over the years, making the second one to be drafted, in addition to Ecker. Garcia relies on a 92-94 MPH fastball, and works in a changeup and slider as well.

Rd 7 (205): LHP Austin Sodders (SIGNED - $216,900; slot)



Sodders almost signed last year as a 17th round pick of the Pirates, but ended up electing to attend UC-Riverside for a season, where he posted a 2.57 ERA and 7.7 K/9 as a lefty that sits around 90 MPH. 

Rd 8 (235): CF Jacob Robson (SIGNED - $181,600; slot)



Robson is your prototypical leadoff center fielder, that is smaller in stature but gives you plenty of contact and speed. A product of Windsor, Ontario, Robson has spent his college years at Mississippi State, where he most recently hit .328 with 18 stolen bases in 20 attempts.

Rd 9 (265): SS Daniel Pinero (SIGNED - $169,600; slot)



Pinero is a redraft who was a late round selection by the Tigers in 2015, as the Tigers liked his potential and did make an unsuccessful effort to sign him as a draft-eligible sophomore. Pinero returned to UVA and has had a good season, and the Tigers clearly still like his potential, whether that be at shortstop (where he was announced this year) or third base (last year). 

Rd 10 (295): OF Sam Machonis (SIGNED, $25,000; under slot 133K)



The Florida Southern product played his college ball in the shadows of Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland. Machonis is a corner outfielder and part-time first baseman that hit .388 for the Mocs, with 13 home runs and 13 doubles, along with 21 stolen bases.

Rd 11 (325): RHP Zachary Houston (SIGNED - $190,000; over slot 90K)


Has a good fastball that sits in the mid-90's, his meal ticket that still projects him to be a reliever, but could still develop into a starting pitcher if his off-speed pitches develop properly. 

Rd 12 (355): CF Daniel Woodrow (SIGNED - $150,000; over slot 50K)


Another prototypical center fielder type, Woodrow is a very good runner and defender with solid contact ability.

Rd 13 (385): C Brady Policelli (SIGNED)


A solid catching prospect, has shown himself to be good defensively for Towson.

Rd 14 (415): C Austin Athmann (SIGNED)


Another solid catching prospect, but moreso for his bat than his glove. Athmann has a lot of power potential in his bat, but has struggled with injuries throughout his college career.

Rd 15 (445): RHP John Schreiber (SIGNED)


Schreiber is expected to remain a reliever at the professional level, relying heavily on a mid-90's fastball that comes along with a good slider.

Rd 16 (475): 2B Will Savage (SIGNED)


Savage is an intelligent player that is also a good athlete, he uses his skills well and brings a quality approach to the plate, but is limited to the keystone defenisvely.

Rd 17 (505): RHP Brandyn Sittinger (SIGNED)


Another fastball that can dial up into the mid-90's, Sittinger could remain a starter at the professional level.

Rd 18 (535): 1B Niko Buentello (SIGNED - $100,000)


Another kid who brings smarts to the game, he also has lots of raw power and a good approach.

Rd 19 (565): CF Dustin Frailey (SIGNED)


Another center fielder with a similar skill-set as the earlier selections. He has a good glove and good speed with the ability to make contact and work a walk at the plate.

Rd 20 (595): RHP Clate Schmidt (SIGNED)


Schmidt projects to be an innings-eater type at the pro level, with a big frame that projects to maintain durability. His fastball is low 90's, but he also has a solid changeup and slider that give him a good three pitch mix. 

Rd 21 (625): RHP Joe Navilhon (SIGNED)


Another arm that projects to maintain durability, he also works with a low 90's fastball and throws plenty of strikes, consistently working down in the zone.

Rd 22 (655): RHP Burris Warner (SIGNED)


Another college closer, Warner spent this season closing for Marshall and is a former teammate of Tigers left-hander Kyle Ryan, attending Auburndale High School near Lakeland.

Rd 23 (685): C Bryan Torres (SIGNED)


Reaching stage where signing comes into question, Torres is still young coming out of the Carlos Beltran Academy, but shows promise with a good bat and strong arm.

Rd 24 (715): LHP Evan Hill (SIGNED)


Local product from the University of Michigan, Hill has a big frame and features a low-90's fastball.

Rd 25 (745): RHP John Hayes (SIGNED)


A depth signing as a fifth year senior, Hayes only reaches 90 MPH with his fastball but could add experienced depth for the organization's lower levels.

Rd 26 (775): RHP Colyn O'Connell (SIGNED)


A power fastball is what O'Connell brings to the table, but at this late stage, a 95 MPH fastball usually isn't paired with much else yet, but a good flier selection of he signs.

Rd 27 (805): SS Chad Sedio (SIGNED)


A candidate to be a future utility infielder as a versatile defender, also has raw power potential.

Rd 28 (835): RHP Alex Cunningham


Cunningham has an extensive injury history, which has resulted in a lot of scouting reports all over the map, with his fastball registering anywhere from 89 to 96.

Rd 29 (865): 3B Hunter Swilling (SIGNED)


Swilling is an intriguing prospect at the hot corner with a lot of raw power that is developing as he refines his swing and learns to control the bat.

Rd 30 (895): LHP Dalton Lundeen (SIGNED)


Deceptive pitcher that uses smarts and mixes pitches to maintain effectiveness.

Rd 31 (925): SS Dalton Britt (SIGNED)


Senior draftee that can play around the diamond but was mostly at shortstop for Liberty, has a bit of gap power.

Rd 32 (955): RHP Connor O'Neil


Upper 80's fastball paired with a big curve could be a good organizational player.

Rd 33 (985): RHP Keegan Thompson


Thompson didn't pitch in 2016 after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Prior to the injury, Thompson was low 90's with a good curveball and projects as a backend starter. Coming off the injury, it's likely he'll return to school.

Rd 34 (1015): SS Geraldo Gonzalez


A good defender that could be a shortstop long-term, is mostly a line drive hitter at the plate.

Rd 35 (1045): C Jacob White


Solid potential both at and behind the plate, with raw power and raw arm strength that could develop into valuable tools as he improves upon his approach and finer points of the game.

Rd 36 (1075): 3B Drew Mendoza


Unlikely to sign and instead heading to Florida State; Tigers love his bat and offensive potential, especially if he can stick at third base.

Rd 37 (1105): 2B David Fleita


Big body for a second baseman, son of Oneri Fleita, Tigers' international cross-checker.

Rd 38 (1135): SS Josh Smith


Drafted as a shortstop, another unlikely sign with a commitment to LSU, another promising player that the Tigers will keep a close eye on over the next few years.

Rd 39 (1165): RHP Garrett Milchin


Signed with Florida and likely to pitch for the Gators, reaches 90 MPH with his fastball coming out of high school.

Rd 40 (1195): RHP Dalton Feeney


Missouri commit that is also unlikely to sign, has a fastball that can reach the mid 90's.


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