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At the Park: Scouting the West Michigan Whitecaps Pitchers Kyle Dowdy, Adenson Verastegui, Jake Shull

Check out some in-depth at the park scouting notes from staff writer Chris Brown on a few members of the West Michigan Whitecaps pitching staff, including Kyle Dowdy and Jake Shull.

Date Observed: 5/29/16




Body: Listed height and weight (6’1, 195) appear accurate. Slender upper body but thick thighs. Little projection remaining.

Mechanics: Works on the third-base side of the rubber. High 3/4 arm slot with a fairly severe back-shoulder dip from the windup. Bit of a head whack at finish. Average extension. Repeats well and keeps a consistent release point.

Fastball: Sat in the 89-92 range, touching 93 with regularity. Minimal horizontal movement, but some downhill plane thanks to higher release point. Was at its best low in the zone, hit hard when elevated. Threw strikes, but struggled to hit spots. Fringe-average offering.

Slider: Thrown in the 83-85 range. Early break with some downward action. Thrown exclusively as chase pitch to right-handed hitters. Below-average pitch.

Curveball: Thrown from 76-79 with decent 11-5 break. Used against lefties and righties equally. Flashed average.

Changeup: Straight change thrown at 81-84. Maintains arm speed well and keeps it low in the zone. Fringe-average offering.

Overall: Fastball heavy early in outing, but was hit hard. Remained calm on the mound and began mixing in all of his pitches to generate more ground balls and strikeouts, finishing with just one earned run over seven innings. Solid organizational arm with a feel for sequencing who should continue to find success in the low minors, but his lack of plus stuff will almost certainly lead to struggles at AA and beyond.



Body: Listed at 5’11, 205. Appears to be slightly taller, though weight is likely accurate. Average build, with little room for further growth.

Mechanics: Simple delivery, featuring medium leg lift and 3/4 arm slot. Works third-base side.

Fastball: Thrown at 89-92, with very little movement and plane. Can occasionally generate some armside run, but pitch is generally flat and hittable, and he struggles to command it. Below-average offering.

Slider: Primary pitch. Slurvy breaking balls thrown in the 82-85 range, can touch 86. Shows occasional tilt to get right-handers to chase, but typically shows average vertical movement. Commands the pitch fairly well, but still a below-average offering.

Overall: Offers little in the way of deception or stuff, and struggles to miss bats. Likely tops out in his current role as an organizational middle reliever.



Body: Listed height and weight (5’10, 190) appear accurate. Short, thick build with no projection remaining.

Mechanics:  Works middle of the rubber. Short arm action and quick to leg strike. Hides ball well, showing hitters more of his back than his arm, and releases from high 3/4 armslot.

Fastball: Works 91-93 with some late life in to right-handed hitters. Pitch appears slightly faster thanks to mechanics. Commands well low in the zone and above the zone. Average pitch.

Slider: Thrown 84-86. Shows solid 11-5 movement and can frontdoor it or locate it away to get swings and misses. Solid-average offering.

Changeup: Thrown in mid-80s. Maintains arm speed but pitch features minimal tumble or fade. Below-average offering.

Overall: Attacks hitters and pounds the strike zone with all three pitches. Should find some success as a late-inning reliever in the low-minors and possibly into AA or AAA. Solid organizational pitcher.


Quick Observations:


Beau Burrows - Appears to be a legit 6’2, and has very broad shoulders. Looks built to log innings.


Sandy Baez - Definitely taller and heavier than his listed numbers (6’2, 190). Ideal frame packed with lean muscle. Very long arms and broad shoulders. Still some room to grow.


Gerson Moreno - On the short side but well built. Rounded shoulders with a barrel chest and a thick rear end.

Drew Smith - Very skinny with narrow shoulders and bowlegs.

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