Two Big Wins, One Big Loss

The Tigers undoubtedly have improved their lineup during this past offseason, but the health of the injury prone players on the roster will decide exactly how improved they will be, as the Tigers suffered their first casualty of the season (just 10 innings in), as DH Dmitri Young went down with a broken bone in his right leg.

Detroit already had Bobby Higginson and his hamstrings that haven't stayed healthy for some time. Then, they went ahead and added another bad hamstring attached to Fernando Vina; they nabbed superstar Ivan Rodriguez and his bad back; they scooped up their shortstop along with his inflamed pelvis; Detroit even got a nice deal on a pair of bad knees and their owner, Rondell White.

So, who do you think gets hurt first? An entire ten innings into the season, last season's Tiger MVP, Dmitri Young, fractured his fibula trying to beat a force out at second base. The good news is that it is a non-displacing fracture. The bad news is that he fractured his fibula, and the Tigers will be without his service for six weeks.

Young's injury will put a small damper on the Tiger's 2-0 start. Otherwise, the team has to be completely satisfied with their performance the first two games. They have scored 14 runs while only giving up 3. Last season the Tigers didn't win two games until game number nineteen, and they didn't even score their fourteenth run until game number eight. The Tigers haven't started 2-0 on the road since they won the World Series in 1984. Detroit will go for the sweep tomorrow at 7:05.

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