Tigers Sweep Jays, Look to Home Opener

Last season, in the entire first month of the season, the Tigers won 3 games. Now, the Tigers have met that same win total - in just their very first series of the season. 3B Eric Munson awoke from his winter slumber and launched a 3-ruh Home Run to help lead the Tigers over the Blue Jays 6-3 on Wednesday night. Jeremy Bonderman got the win for the Tigers, and now they'll look to build on their winning streak in their home opener against the Minnesota Twins.

Unlike the first two games, the Tigers didn't jump out to a big lead. RHP Jeremy Bonderman allowed a 3-run Home Run by Blue Jay First Baseman Carlos Delgado, giving the Jays an early 3-run lead. Bonderman however settled down, skating through the next 4 innings until he took a liner off his left calf - luckily, Bonderman was fine, but did leave the game for precautionary reasons.

And while the Tigers weren't as potent as the past two games, they still got runs across the board after a costly error by Delgado that allowed the inning to continue. 2 batters after the error, Eric Munson cleaned up with a 3-run homer to put the Tigers in the lead at 4-3. Craig Monroe later drove in Carlos Guillen, and Rondell White hit his second Home Run of the season to give the 6-3 final.

On the pitching side, things started rocky for Bonderman, but he quickly settled down, setting down 11 batters in a row - 7 of them on strikeouts. After the ball hit his calf, manager Alan Trammell took the cautionary route and pulled him in favor of his bullpen. Steve Colyer, Al Levine, Jamie Walker and Danny Patterson finished off the game, never allowing a runner to get to Second Base.

Now the Tigers return home for their first game of the season at Comerica Park - and already they have a rejuvenated fan base as fans are already starting to take notice of the team's quick start. The team is playing with a new attitude, and more importantly, winning. The Tigers have turned off many fans over the years with their pathetic play, but winning cures all ills, and if the Tigers keep winning, the fans will return in masses.

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