No Room for Errors

After a surprising 11-7 start to the 2004 season, the Tigers won for just the third time in the past eleven games on Friday night. They are now starting to play more towards others' expectations. It is easy to blame the downfall on the pitching, but the fielding has been downright filthy.

There are several Tigers amongst the American League leaders in one category. Eric Munson is 3rd for third basemen, Carlos Pena, Fernando Viña, and Alex Sanchez are the leaders for their respective positions. The entire team combines for the most of these than any other team in all of baseball. For which statistics are they the leaders you ask? You may have guessed it from the introduction. They are the best at poor fielding: errors. Maybe someone should tell the team that the big ‘E' on the scoreboard doesn't mean ‘Excellent.' The team has combined for 12 errors in the past eight games. These embarrassing defensive statistics aren't going to let the pitching staff off the hook entirely.

If it weren't for the Colorado air ballooning the ERA of the Rockies, the Tigers would have the highest ERA in all of the majors. Over the past ten games, Tiger opponents have scored an average of eight runs. The team could really use pitcher Nate Cornejo to get healthy and back on track.

Despite all of these setbacks, the Tigers still find themselves flirting with an even record. If the poor pitching and fielding continues, Dmitri Young can't come back soon enough. They'll need all of the runs they can get.

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