Pitching Coming Around

Early in the season, the Tigers turned the heads of baseball fans across North America. Four wins and zero losses to start the campaign hardly makes a team a World Series favorite, but nobody saw this coming out of club that was possibly the worst team ever just 7 months ago. The bats came out swinging, but the pitchers were giving up lots of runs too. Thankfully, the Tigers were scoring the most- at first.

Following the 4-0 start, the Tigers went 11-18 over the next 29 games. This high scoring team couldn't keep up with the poor pitching. Let' not forget that the defense has turned Detroit into E-troit; ‘E' for error and no ‘D'- MLB's version of the Allas Mavericks.

After giving up 47 runs in five games, nothing frustrated the Tiger fans more than following those games up by blowing a 14-4 lead against the Rangers. The Tigers ended up losing 16-15 in 15 innings while committing two errors in the process. Something had to be done, but then again, maybe not.

The pitchers have come into their own these past couple of weeks. Just when things couldn't get any worse, they got better. Since the heartbreaker in Texas, the team has gone 7-6, and have only given up 36 runs in those 13 games. Since I'm a "mathe-magician," I figured out that the opposition has scored just 2.76 runs per game. I still haven't figured out how they went about scoring .76 runs in any game, but the important thing is that the team doesn't have to panic about the pitching staff.

The offense has continued to be solid, and the pitching staff has been coming around. Around the quarter mark of the season, the Tigers find themselves in third place, but only 4 games out of first. If the defense would come around like the pitching has, watch out for them Tigers to make a run for the Division Title.

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