Tigers 2004 MVP: Carlos Guillen

Unlike last season, the Tigers had a number of players step up and warrant considerating for the 2004 Tiger Most Valuable Player. However, while many might have expected the Tigers highlight free agent to step up as the MVP, instead it was their little discussed Shortstop acquired via trade to have a career year and take home the MVP award for the Detroit Tigers.

SS Carlos Guillen

The Tigers went out and made quite a few offseason acquisitions, but no one in the front office ever expected to see the Shortstop they acquired in a salary dump (who just happened to be their 3rd option at the position after being turned down by a pair of free agents) to step up as the MVP. But that's exactly what happened with Carlos Guillen. Guillen was acquired to improve the infield's defense, as well as give the team a solid hitter, probably in the 2 hole. Instead, Guillen realized the potential he had shown for so many years, staying healthy almost all year long (up until his season ending knee surgery in September) and pounding the ball for that entire span. Guillen's numbers essentially speak for themselves, as he led the team in RBI and OPS, while being 2nd in average and Home Runs. The Tigers certainly caught a break in nabbing Guillen, and made sure to lock him up long term to avoid free agency, as they agreed to a 3-year contract extension midseason. Assuming Guillen makes a full recovery, the Tigers will hope to receive similar production out of him next season in 2005. If only every trade could work out with the Tigers receiving their MVP in return for a backup Infielder and an average minor league Shortstop.

AVG: .318
HR: 20
RBI: 97
OPS: .921

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