Tiger Front Office Still Hunting

Things are moving slowly because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but that doesn't mean everything is idle in the Tigers world. The Tigers continue to focus their attention on a pair of position players that would again bolster their lineup, as well as going on standby on a number of pitchers the organization remains interested in.

As of late, the Tigers have focused their efforts on a pair of position players, as they continue to try and bolster a lineup that many believe is just a player or two away from becoming a true contender.

Those two players are Centerfielder Steve Finley and Third baseman Troy Glaus.

The Tigers have a number of options in Centerfield, but none of them are reliable and/or desirable. The organization isn't confident in any of last year's options (Nook Logan, Alex Sanchez, Craig Monroe, Brandon Inge) to hold down the job full time next season. The organization expects Curtis Granderson to step up eventually and grab hold of the job, but most believe he'll still need another season or so of development before he's ready for big league action.

That leaves the Tigers campaigning hard for Finley - who many believe would be a perfect fit for the Tigers. Finley, an excellent teammate, would fit in well with the veteran squad, and could very well help some of the youngsters (especially Granderson should he come up at some point) develop. The question remains, will Finley want to uproot and move across the country after having spent the last decade on the west coast.

The other target, Troy Glaus, is just entering the prime of his career - the only concern with Glaus being the health of his shoulder. Glaus has been one of the best power hitters in all of baseball the past few seasons, but the concerns over the health of his shoulder have become an issue. Glaus's value decreases rapidly if he's incapable of playing Third, and needs to move to First or hit as the Designated Hitter.

But, if his shoulder checks out, the Tigers will not hold back to try and bring another Angel to Motown.

Likewise, the organization remains interested in adding a top starter, but many in the group have been moving very slowly in their free agent progress. Matt Clement and Carl Pavano still appear to be the top attractions, but for now, neither pitcher has made many headlines as they take their time with their free agent decision.

This is typically the time of the year where things will begin to heat up, with front offices preparing for the Winter Meetings over the second weekend of December.

For the Tigers, they've already made a move. A couple more big moves, and the Tigers could elevate themselves to legitimate contenders in the still-weak AL Central.

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