Tigers Winter Meetings Post-Mortem

If you woke up this morning feeling like you'd been kicked in the chest don't worry or consult one of the many fine physicians in the Detroit area. It's a normal reactrion fans of a baseball team get after seeing their team get kicked when they're down.

Okay, okay. It's a bit of an overreaction/fanboy comment. However it doesn't feel good to have money to spend and nobody to take it. Unfortunately this is exactly what happened to the Tigers through the Winter Meetings.

Troy Glaus? No. Steve Finley? Nope. Carl Pavano? Not for all the money in Ceaserland.

There were numerous encouraging reports to start the meetings off. Peter Gammons predicted that the Tigers would sign both 3B Adrian Beltre and CF Carlos Beltran. Reports that the Tigers were close with OF J.D. Drew. Even some thinking that Pavano was considering the Tigers strongly. However, as we all know, none of this happened.

What doesn't feel real good either were some very defeatist comments from Supreme Chancelor Dombrowski:

"We're in the mix on a couple of them -- a couple of trades and a couple of free agents -- but I'm not in a position at all to think we're the front-runner," he said. "It's one of these streaks where it's been hard to get people to commit to signing.

"It's not been through lack of effort, lack of presentation or lack of finances. If it has been the lack of finances, it's been our choice because we've drawn a line on what we want to do, but they haven't selected our situation."

Well that doesn't sound good at all.

However, one thing we've all learned from listening to Dombrowski is that he doesn't ever say much. He peppers his speech with a lot of qualifiers and non-committal language. He's a real tough guy to read. In fact, the Tigers could sign Beltre this week for all we know.

On the bright side, I am glad we didn't sign Glaus or Finley if it took the money they were asking. I also question if Pavano will be much better than say Odalis Perez for the next four years. And I'm glad they don't seem to be so bent on signing people that they're spending stupid money on medicority. Toronto, New York and Arizona will probably regret the contracts they've given out so far.

It just doesn't say a whole lot of good to the Tigers orginization if nobody is even giving serious consideration to them.

My big fear? They get desperate and our off-season is acquisitions of Tony Batista and Derek Lowe. We get 0% better. Just more expensive. However, one thing I will say is that Dombrowski has shown in the past (including last offseason) that he can be resourceful when Plan A fails.

But for now, we all have a right to be pessimistic. Let's just hope that right is taken from us.

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