Live from Lakeland: Q&A with Curtis Granderson

It's not hard to find Curtis Granderson's name lately. Besides being the consensus top prospect in the organization, the team just cleared the way for a possible promotion to the majors with the team releasing their original centerfielder, Alex Sanchez. Curtis took some time out of his spring training schedule to talk with's Senior Editor Paul Wezner.

TigsTown: Curtis, great game today, you really did a nice job battling back from that 0-2 count to earn a walk.

Curtis Granderson: Thanks. Really appreciate the compliment.

TT: Are you at all concerned about having to hit more though to have a shot at making the club out of spring training?

CG: Oh, no not at all. There's times to swing and times not to swing, so I can't just go up there looking to swing at pitches that are pitcher's pitches, because then I'm gonna get out and that's not going to look good at all. The most important thing is to get on base, whether that's a hit or a walk, getting on base is a plus. Of course hits and home runs are seen as bigger plusses, but any way I can get on base is what I'm trying to do.

TT: Is that something the organization has been pushing?

CG: Absolutely, it's one of the things that they are talking about to me as far as where I may end up down the line and from a leadoff hitter's perspective, that's what you've got to do.

TT: What are your thoughts about making the club out of spring training? Is that your goal, or do you think some work in Toledo would be beneficial for you as a player?

CG: Of course it's the goal, but I know I still need to log some time in though, so wherever they feel I need to be is where I'll go. If it's Toledo I'm not gonna be upset because I know that's the thought process behind it. Of course I'd love to sit on the big league bench and make the big league minimum, ya know, who wouldn't, but at the same time it's not going to benefit me and my career long term.

TT: Who has been impressive so far this spring, in your opinion?

CG: Dewayne Wise has come out and hit the ball really well, played defense really well. He's definitely one to watch.

TT: What about the team as a whole?

CG: We're doing well I'd say. After our first game against Florida Southern, we've really put up some numbers offensively, we put up 9 today, I think 9 against the Phillies as well. I think last year we finished fifth in the league in hitting so we'll just hope to see that carry over.

TT: Do you have any one particular goal for the upcoming season?

CG: Mainly just to continue to battle, I don't like to use statistical goals because those don't mean too much. Just want to get through it, stay healthy, stay positive.

TT: Being such a highly regarded prospect, including's #1 prospect in the Tigers' system, do you feel as if there's any added pressure on you to produce?

CG:Yeah, there's added pressure. Mentally there are going to be things I'll have to deal with but I'll just battle and work through those and give it my all. Hopefully that will put me in position to get a midseason or late season call-up. would like to thank Curtis for taking the time to talk to us, and wishes him well for the 2005 season.

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