TigsTown's 2005 Amateur Draft Details

Excited about the 2005 amateur draft, but not sure of all the details because ESPN hasn't had the baseball version of Mel Kiper on television for multiple hours over the past few weeks? Not to worry, TigsTown has you covered with all the details of the two day event.

Who: All 30 Major League Baseball organizations, and the top high school graduates and college juniors and seniors in the country
What: The 40th annual Major League Baseball amateur draft
Where: The Commissioner's Office and all 30 organization front offices, conducted via conference call
When: Tuesday and Wednesday June 7th and 8th, starting at 12:30pm
Why: So the Yankees don't out-bid every other franchise for every top prospect in existence
How: Unlike the drafts you may be more familiar with from watching on TV, the MLB draft doesn't contain analysts standing around examining each pick, there is no set time between in each pick. Team one selects, reads off the player, and then team two goes. This is how they pack 50 rounds into the same amount of time it takes the NFL to do 7

The skinny: The Detroit Tigers select 10th overall in the draft. The team however doesn't own a second round draft pick, having lost it to Anaheim due to the signing of Troy Percival. This is the first time in the Tigers' history that they'll select 10th.

The Players: Dave Dombrowski has always been a fan of power arms, and what do you know, there exists another in this draft; Wichita St right hander Mike Pelfrey. Of course, new scouting director David Chadd might look to dive into the hitting pool, which is particularly deep this year, and happens to be thin in the Tigers' farm system. High school outfielders Andrew McCutchen and Jay Bruce and Southern Cal catcher Jeff Clement could all be possibilities if they go that route.

The Predictions:
- Mark Anderson, TigsTown.com Minor League Editor
Despite Dombrowski's penchant for power arms, it is hard to ignore the dearth of impact hitters in the minor league system. Pelfrey is an option at ten, but I think the organization is much more likely to lean towards taking a hitter they can project into the Tiger's lineup for years to come. Weighing all the options, and listening to the pre-draft rumors, I am going to lay my money on the Tigers selecting USC catcher Jeff Clement with the 10th pick.

- Paul Wezner, TigsTown.com Publisher and Senior Editor
If he's on the board, I think Pelfrey will be the pick, he fits Dombrowski's mold, and the fact that he's the top college pitcher in the draft certainly doesn't hurt (which would make it the third straight year the Tigers grabbed who they thought would be the top college pitcher available, the previous two being Justin Verlander in '04, and Kyle Sleeth in '03). Unfortunately, it's not looking good that Pelfrey will be on the board, leaving us sorting through the other options. There might be another solid college arm available, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say the Tigers buck the trend and grab Texas high school outfielder Jay Bruce.

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