TigsTown Q&A: Whitecaps Pitcher Dallas Trahern

When the Tigers selected Dallas Trahern on the second day of the amateur draft in 2004, it was mostly as an afterthought, as it was a foregone conclusion that Trahern was headed to Oklahoma. But then a coaching change prompted a change of heart, and Trahern ended up in the Tigers organization. West Michigan Correspondent spoke with the youngster about his first year of big league ball at Comstock Park.

TigsTown: The ‘Caps are currently close to leading the division. How would you compare the 1st & 2nd halves of the 2005 season?

Dallas Trahern: Basically I just think it's been gelling as a team and getting all our components working together. There's a lot of things that go into baseball and now we're all kind of clicking on offense, defense, and pitching – I think that's the main thing.

TT: What's working well for you personally right now?

DT: Just trying to keep the ball low, in the strike zone. Getting ready for each game mentally, trying to keep the body well, and mainly just keeping the ball low.

TT: Do you have a specific goal for the season, or something you're working on?

DT: To improve – this is my first full season. My goal is to stay healthy and to improve every start and to learn something every start. That's what I'm trying to do,

TT: Who, or what, has been the biggest influence on you as a pitcher?

DT: There are so many people…probably my dad the most. He's just always pushed me my whole life, not more than I've asked him too though. He's always been there for me at every game he can. He doesn't get to see very much now but he calls and listens to the game on the radio. He's been the main person.

TT: Did your dad play?

DT: Not much baseball – he's a really good athlete but he didn't play much baseball.

TT: And how about the toughest lineup you've faced this year?

DT: South Bend for sure. They're a good lineup. They hit the ball well, but they're really aggressive and sometimes that can come back to hurt them. They're definitely the best hitters I've faced.

TT: In 2004, you played a short season. Has your first full season schedule been a big adjustment?

DT: It's been a big adjustment on the time and the competition. In rookie ball you don't face this competition level as much. It's a tough adjustment mentally, coming prepared every day and the long season is a wear on the body, so you have to make sure to do your work in between starts.

TT: As a young pitcher, do you give a lot of thought to your career as a whole? Or do you focus on the next game & let the future take care of itself?

DT: You have your long-term goals, but that's kind of out of our hands. The team decides when you move up, where you move down…so I'm just trying to go out every start and do my best. The rest will fall into place.

TT: What is your signature pitch?

DT: My fastball. It doesn't sound like much, but it's gotten a lot of ground balls for me and got me out of trouble. That's definitely my main pitch.

TT: How would your teammates describe you?

DT: (laughing) Somebody who eats a lot of food. I would hope they'd say I work hard and really compete on the mound to try and give us a chance to win. That's all I really can do. I can't control how many runs we score or what the defense does. I just try to throw strikes and get them back to the dugout to hit as fast as I can.

TT: What can fans expect from the ‘Caps as you move toward the end of the regular season?

DT: We're going to come out strong. We're working hard. The fans can expect us to--I believe--reach the playoffs and do really well in the playoffs. Hopefully we can win another one like we did in 2004 and I really think that's a realistic goal for our team. We have a lot of good talent and the guys are really gelling together as a team. They definitely can expect that.

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