Tigers Could Finish Worse in '05 Than in '04

After a year of so many ups and downs in 2005, it now comes down to the Tigers final game of the season. If they win, they can claim that they did just as well in 2005 as they did in '04. If they lose, they'll be forced to live with the fact that they actually sported a worse record in '05, despite the big name free agents.

Detroit Tigers - 71-90, 4th in AL Central
It's possible that Saturday night's game was the last time Jason Johnson would take the mound as a member of the Detroit Tigers. Unfortunately, he couldn't go out on a good note, dropping his final game of the year to Minnesota. Johnson however didn't pitch badly, giving up three runs in six innings of work, even though he walked away with his 13th loss of the year. Those three runs might not seem like much, but with the Tigers offense not clicking, those three runs would prove to be plenty for the Twins, who curiously find themselves out of the playoff race this fall. Magglio Ordonez and Brandon Inge each managed two hits on the night, but neither was able to help convert the hits into runs. The Tigers will head into their final game of the season against the Twins, with Nate Robertson facing Johan Santana at 2:10pm.
- Paul Wezner, Senior Editor

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